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January 31, 2013 Clagett named Knights' January Player of the Month

As with any long term commitment, it takes a certain level of consistency and dedication to deliver a successful performance. Corporate communications major Anthony Clagettunderstands that demand and has responded with his own level of persistence, on and off the court.

Clagett’s relationship with the sport of basketball began at the very young age of four. Growing up, he believed in seizing every opportunity he could to further his goals. Following this ambition resulted in further developing his skills with a great high school team that traveled all across the nation. Doors opened for his team to play out of state in Las Vegas, Florida, Ohio and Kansas.
“Some of the greatest opportunities of my life came from being able to play away from home and way outside of my comfort zone,” declares Clagett. “I learned a lot playing against a vast variety of players with different styles, different goals and different backgrounds. The growth didn’t even stop there, though, as I was able to develop more as a person on the road.”
Coming out of one of the loss of the Knights’ previous games against Clarion University, Clagett took a lot from the battle. He believes the team is worth commending because, despite Clarion’s triumph, the Knights stuck together and played their game fully to the end.
“I’m really glad the team managed to stick together, regardless of the score,” says Clagett. “We need to keep that up. The battle’s never over and we should always fight hard until the last whistle. I feel it’s my responsibility, as well as the responsibility of all my teammates, to keep us all together. I also feel like we, as a team, are in the right place at the best time. I’ll never lose faith in this team and I’m only as good as we are collectively!”
By Greg Jones, Student Reporter