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August 6, 2018 Faculty Lecture: Jessica Jones as Haunted Hero

Jessica Jones, the Marvel superhero, will be stopping by the Summerdale campus this week. You can catch the Netflix star––at least in spirit––during Dr. Melissa Wehler’s presentation, “The Haunted Hero: The Performance of Trauma in Jessica Jones,” which occurs Wednesday, Aug. 8, 12:10–1:10 p.m. at the Capital BlueCross Theatre.

“Jessica Jones is such a compelling protagonist,” says Wehler, dean of Humanities and Sciences at the college. “She has super powers, but she failed as a superhero. Can she find a way, despite her flaws, to realize her true potential? That’s a powerful story arc.”

During the presentation, which is part of the Faculty Research Colloquium Series, Wehler will delve into Jones’ trauma as a source of her downfall but also potentially her redemption. No need to bring a lunch––pizza and soda will be provided.

In addition, the Education Foundation will award a $500 scholarship to a selected student.