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February 20, 2013 Lacy named February Player of the Month

Central Penn College would like to acknowledge one of its special veteran Knights. Montez Lacyhas been pushing for a valiant performance on the Central Penn Knights men’s basketball team for the past four years. Impressing coaches, peers and teammates alike, Lacy has developed a powerful personality through his battles alongside his fellow Knights.

“I have been humbled to coach a player like Montez who has recreated himself each year for the benefit of the team,” says Coach David Baker. “Awhile back, he became the leading scorer and received honorable mention All-American, and he went on to understand his role within the past two seasons as a more complete player (almost a decoy as [other] teams designed their defenses to stop him). It says a great deal about a player who is willing to do this and put the team first! Montez has transformed his mental and physical makeup on the court through hard work and trust in the coaching staff. He plays within himself and has put the team first ... he has been the cornerstone we have built our program around.”

Over the years, Lacy became a pivotal player on the courts in almost every game. Recently, he was forced to take some time off due to an injury in one of this past season’s preliminary games. His absence was felt by the team and the fans.

“To be honest, I didn’t notice the importance of the role I play on an emotional level with the team, until I was injured,” says Lacy. “It was just second nature for me to stick to the presence I bring across around the team. I have never been injured in this sport. I feel like it’s truly a test of a player when he has to sit back and watch everything he worked for happen without him; but I know the team will shine."

Looking back, Lacy would like to continue to inspire those who are coming up behind him. He wishes the team well as they have all formed an undying brotherhood through their battles; in victory or defeat. The passion that he brought to the team and to every game will be missed.

“It’s been a long road traveling from the bottom to the top,” says Lacy. “It’s been full of hard work and crazy obstacles. The key to getting past everything was the hunger to become the best. That, along with being a positive leader and putting forth as much effort as I had, helped me in becoming a role model on the team. I just would like to firstly thank God for giving me the ability and patience to get me by. I’d also like to thank the coaches, the team, the staff, the fans and every other supporter. You all made this happen.”

By Greg Jones, Student Reporter