Central Penn College - Nov. 2013 Male Athlete of the Month

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December 27, 2013 Nov. 2013 Male Athlete of the Month

As the Central Penn Knights approach a demanding stretch in their schedule, Devon Dorsey has stepped up and expanded on what has already been an extraordinary effort put forth this season. The hard work and dedication Dorsey displayes on the court has earned him yet another Athlete of the Month honor. Prior to this season, Dorsey earned First-Team All American honors twice, and is currently on a good pace to again reach this milestone.

Following Dorsey’s sophomore year of college, he gained a lot of interest from other schools, including both Division I and II schools.

“Despite their interest [other schools], Dorsey opted to stay here and finish what he started,” says Head Coach Dave Baker. "This is an example of Dorsey’s strong dedication and commitment he has developed with the Knights."

Dorsey is averaging a double-double on the season with an average of twenty points and ten rebounds per game. The focus and consistency Dorsey has displayed so far this season has been impeccable, according to Baker. It is clear that Dorsey has the skill set to compete at a high-level, but what really sets him apart are the intangibles he brings to the team.

“Yes, it is a joy to coach one with his physical ability, but it’s even more of a pleasure to coach one with the character and demeanor of Devon,” says Baker.

By James Gill, Student Reporter