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October 11, 2012 Ressler named October Student of the Month

Congratulations and kudos to October’s student of the month, Lila Ressler! Ressler started at Central Penn College during the summer 2011 term, majoring in paralegal studies. Pursuing her associate degree, she is slated to graduate in the spring of 2013.

Hailing from Elizabethtown, Pa., Ressler is a student of many passions, ranging from education to music. She intends to stay goal-oriented throughout her time at Central Penn so that, once she completes her college education requirement; she can acquire a full-time career as a paralegal directly out of her internship. After college, her ideal location to work would be in the Western United States. She dreams of living on a ranch.

Her favorite course thus far has been family law, taught by Professor Donley. Along with Donley, Professors Teplitz and DeLeo also fall in the category of her favorite instructors.

“Professor Donley could take the most boring class and find a way to make it fun, and I always look forward to his classes,” declares Ressler. “Professor Teplitz makes everything easy to understand and she is always willing to spend time helping people out. I never feel like I am stressing out in any of her classes. Also, I have to mention Professor DeLeo. He is one of the nicest people. You can go to him for anything, and if you have a question, he will find the answer for you. He is one of the most helpful people I’ve known, and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have known where to start with my class scheduling.”

Another passion of Ressler’s, outside of academia, is music. Music is one of her many pastimes, as she plays various instruments and sings. She also enjoys horseback riding, reading, hiking, biking and shopping.

What keeps Ressler motivated and focused is knowing that what she wants in life can only be achieved and attained through hard work. She also embraces what Central Penn has taught her about leaving nothing unfinished; be it a school project or a college degree. With the coupling of those sentiments, Ressler is well on her way to accomplishing her goals!

By Greg jones, Student Reporter