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Anne Bizup, RN, MSN
Instructor, Allied Health, Chair of Nursing/Allied Health

Academic Bio

I began my academic career, officially, in July of 2012 when I began teaching as an adjunct professor here at Central Penn College. In December 2013 I took a full-time position as Faculty at Central Penn College and have been teaching a variety of courses for the Allied Health and General Education departments since that time. In addition to teaching, I worked to bring a Nursing program to Central Penn College. I will begin teaching courses in the RN to BSN program in April of 2016.

Personal Bio

I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, spent 20 years in Philadelphia, and returned home and have remained there for the last 15 years. I love having my little bit of space in the middle of nowhere, partly because I am a nature lover. I love to garden and spend time with my two puppies who are my“quadruped children.” I have been a Nurse for over 30 years, and recently chose to pursue nursing education as my next big adventure. I spent most of that 30 years working in a variety of settings from hospitals to occupational health to long term care to home hospice. I continue to volunteer for hospice in my area. I recently entered the PhD in Nursing Education program at Nova Southeastern University and expect to graduate in May of 2020.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is an inherent part of providing high-quality nursing care. Although the teaching occurs outside of a formal, academic setting, it is still providing education and information to patients and families utilizing different educational techniques and evaluating understanding. I also have provided education to new nurses just entering the field, to help them apply the knowledge they learned in formal education to a real-world setting. These are the experiences that have defined my teaching philosophy.

I believe that education needs to be engaging, fun, and hands-on to be effective. It is a mix of traditional and non-traditional teaching methods in order to reach the most students and touch on all different learning styles. Although I may be teaching the same basic course, each time is different based upon the students, and what is the best way to provide them an opportunity not only to hear the information, but to truly understand the concepts. Learning goes beyond the memorization of facts to the ability to think critically and apply concepts. The learning process is the responsibility of both the teacher and the student, and it is in that relationship where true learning occurs. It takes the ability to be part-professor; part-cheerleader; part-therapist; and even part-parent to nurture students and motivate learning. 


  • Masters of Science in Nursing Education, South University, 2012
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Villanova University, 1985


  • Human Biology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2
  • Human Development
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Peer Health Education
  • Disease and Diagnostic Methods
  • Psychology
  • Medical Psychology
  • RN-BSN core courses


  • Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty
  • Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse
  • Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist