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Hector R. Ortiz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Academic Bio

Dr. Hector R. Ortiz has recently joined Central Penn College as a full-time faculty member. Dr. Ortiz serves as an assistant professor and outreach coordinator for the School of Professional Studies master’s degree program. Dr. Ortiz brings more than 25 years of practical experience and applied expertise in the fields of leadership, human rights, social engineering, civic engagement, diversity and community service. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s degree in diplomacy and a doctorate in international relations from Guayaquil State University. Dr. Ortiz also received an honorary doctorate for public service from Central Penn College in 2011.

Personal Bio

Dr. Hector R. Ortiz is an active member of Toastmasters International, an inspirational speaker and a consultant in diversity, leadership development and communication. Dr. Ortiz is president of H.R. Ortiz Communication and Consulting Services and the author of The Creative Energy of Positive Thinking: A Basic Approach to the Genuine Concept of Happiness

Teaching Philosophy

There are several values that I try to teach students, both by my words and my actions. Included among these are the following; the importance of organization, preparation and homework, respect for other people and their views, the public service obligations of any professional, the value of clear and effective communication in both written and oral form, the importance of fair process, and the significance of diversity, inclusion and equity to name a few.

Another important theme of my teaching philosophy is to emphasize the value of critical scholarship, which not only clearly describes the present state of the world, as it is, but explores what the world, businesses, professions and communities should be. Promoting independent thinking is essential so that students can take what they have learned and apply it in real-life situations.

Personal contact with students is essential to my approach. Many students need encouragement to talk to their teachers. I emphasize my availability for informal discussion and my willingness to help them sort out any issues they have with the material they are learning. Both the teacher and the student are greatly enriched by this learning approach. This method can help to resolve issues and concerns at its early stage. 

In summary, my philosophy of teaching emphasizes that students are entitled to quality instruction in an active and stimulating learning environment. Beyond striving to ensure that students learn the fundamental content of the courses I teach, my objectives as a college professor of the Graduate Studies Program includes, but they are not limited to: (a) foster active learning and critical thinking skills; (b) facilitate the acquisition of lifelong learning skills; (c) help students develop organizational leadership skills to prepare students to function as highly skilled and competent in their respective professions and businesses. 


  • Guayaquil State University: Diplomacy & International Affairs Institute
  • Diplomacy and International Relations, Doctorate Degree, 2001
  • Diplomacy and International Relations, Master Degree, 1998
  • Guayaquil State University of Ecuador, Civil Engineering School
  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineer, 1992 

Courses & Subjects

  • Applied Research for Professionals
  • Leadership Communication


  • Doctorate of Humane Letters, Honorary Degree-Public Service, L.H.D., Central Penn College-11