Central Penn College - Jeremy Dixon


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Jeremy Dixon
Program Chair, Information Technology

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about teaching "You Can. You Will." students at Central Penn? 

When you see the moment when a student actually starts to "get it" as they are learning about a new concept...the look of understanding in their eyes and the sudden appreciation of the topic.

What is your favorite Central Penn memory?

The various events held on campus every year are usually pretty amusing. Among my favorites, I enjoyed being able to be a part of the pie fight where there were hundreds of participants all throwing custard pies at each other.

What do students like the most about the courses you teach?

IT is a part of every business around the world. From the small business to the largest corporations, IT plays an important part in each of them. The students love learning about topics that are going to help them go out and earn that job or promotion.

While teaching at Central Penn, what has been your biggest personal accomplishment? 

Central Penn has been very supportive of my pursuit of my doctorate. When students think that they have too much work or they feel overwhelmed, I can actually sympathize rather than empathize because I know how hard it is to balance work and school or home and school. My goal would be to finish my dissertation soon so that I can dedicate even more time to the growth of our IT program.

D.Sc. in Information Technology at Towson University - ABD - Expected graduation in 2013

MBA from Johns Hopkins University - 2009

MS in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University - 2009

MS in Geoenvironmental Science from Shippensburg University - 1999

BA in Environmental Science from Catawba College - 1997