Central Penn College - Melissa Wehler


Faculty Who Care

Dr. Melissa Wehler
Dean, School of Humanities & Sciences

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about teaching "You can. You will." students at Central Penn?

Graduation is by far the most rewarding aspect of my work at the College. On that night, I get to watch my students, many of whom have overcome adversity, grappled with change and challenge, and worked hard towards their goals, obtain the acknowledgement that "they could, they did."

What is your favorite Central Penn memory?

I always keep a bowl full of candies at my desk so that when students stop by for writing help during office hours, they can have a little something to get them through the afternoon. Since I see a fair amount of foot traffic during the term, this candy bowl is constantly going empty — which is great! Sometimes when I get into work there will be several bags of candy piled on my desk from faculty, staff, and students who have noticed that the bowl is getting low. What I love about the candy bowl is that is demonstrates a small but important truth about our college community: we are generous and loving about the little things.

What would you say to a prospective "You can. You will." student considering Central Penn College?

If you come to Central Penn: ask questions, work hard, give and receive help, think critically, be thoughtful, and participate. Central Penn offers an incredible environment for students who are willing to take advantage of all of the opportunities we have to offer.

Bachelor of Arts - English - Pennsylvania State University '05
Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology- Pennsylvania State University '05
Masters of Arts - Literary and Cultural Studies - Carnegie Mellon University '07
Teaching Certificate - Duquesne University '12
Advanced Teaching Certificate - Duquesne University '12
Graduate Certificate - Women's and Gender Studies - Duquesne University '13
Doctor of Philosophy - English- Duquesne University '13