Central Penn College - Nicole Patterson


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Dr. Nicole Patterson
Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about teaching "You Can. You Will." students at Central Penn?

The most rewarding thing about teaching here is seeing how happy our students are at graduation and getting that phone call or e-mail telling us that they passed the National Licensing Exam.

What do students like the most about the courses you teach?

All of the courses that I teach are "hands-on" which helps the students gain a better understanding of new concepts. All of the material taught in the PTA classes is relevant to the field of physical therapy, and include skills that they will use on a daily basis once they enter the work force.

What is the biggest challenge facing students going into the field of PTA? How can students prepare to face this challenge?

The first challenge students face as they enter the field of physical therapy is the National Licensure Exam. All students need to pass this exam in order to work as a physical therapist assistant. Students can prepare themselves by purchasing and using study guides, studying like crazy and taking advantage of opportunities like the Review Course offered here every spring. 

What would you say to a prospective "You Can. You Will." student considering Central Penn College?

The experiences offered at Central Penn are wonderful. We offer accelerated programs that allow students to enter the workforce as quickly as possible. We also require internships that allow students to practice their skills in a supervised environment. Students have to work hard while they are here, but the reward in the end is all worth it.

While teaching at Central Penn, what has been your biggest personal accomplishment?

Since beginning at Central Penn in 2006, I have gotten married and now have an amazing three year old little boy!

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Slippery Rock University, 2002
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Mount St. Mary's University, 1999