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Student Fundraising Challenge

KnightQuest will, we hope, become an annual tradition at Central Penn College! It will be an opportunity for you (our students) to team up for a great cause – the Central Penn College Education Foundation which provides scholarships for students! Student teams will compete to raise funds during the time period for the competition. YOU will be supporting the next generation of Knights! 

About KnightQuest:

  • Student fundraising challenge
  • Benefits Knights Fund ( through the Central Penn College Education Foundation)
  • Runs October 20-December 8, 2017

  • Goal is $2017 (for the year 2017)

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Register Your Team

Building Your Team

Your first step is to create your team! Each team can have up to 10 members. They can be organized by club involvement, program of study, housing assignments, or even just a group of students who are friends! To register your team, complete the online registration form located at: www.centralpenn.edu/KnightQuest. The form will ask for a team name, designated team captain, and list of team members with email addresses and phone numbers. Register your team as soon as possible so that you can plan your fund raising activities before the team challenge begins!

Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of great ways to raise funds! Here are just a few ideas, but there are many more!
  • Homemade crafts
  • Baked goods
  • Services (cleaning, car wash, etc.)
  • Used book sale or yard sale
  • Photo contest
  • Pie in face
  • Food sales (subs, pizzas, etc.)
  • Search online for more great ideas!

Managing Money

Please follow the following guidelines when handling money related to KnightQuest.

  • The official fundraising period begins October 17 and ends November 17 at 4 p.m.  Any donations given outside of the fundraising period will be accepted but will not count toward your total in the competition.
  • All fundraising is to be conducted for the exclusive benefit of the Central Penn College Education Foundation.
  • Checks should be made payable to Central Penn College Education Foundation. All donors should write the team name in the “memo” portion of the check.
  • Credit Card contributions are accepted. To process credit card contributions, see Sandy Box in the Education Foundation office. Minimum charge of $10 required.
  • The Education Foundation Office will deposit funds and keep track of each team’s fundraising totals.
  • All proceeds must be turned in to the Education Foundation Office (located in ATEC 311) the next business day after the fundraiser. Under no circumstances should club advisors, officers, or members keep club funds in their possession for more than one business day.  Lancaster students should submit proceeds to Amber Kreger.
  • Donors contributing by check will receive a receipt by mail. Donors contributing by online donation will receive a receipt by donation.
  • If your fundraiser requires start-up funds (meaning that you need to purchase supplies in advance of the event), your advisor can request up to $50 from petty cash in the business office. Any start-up money must be repaid immediately after fundraiser.  Lancaster students should see Amber Kreger.
  • Central Penn faculty and staff members are also able to request up to $50 in small bills and change from the business office in order to make change at the fundraiser. This money must be repaid immediately after the fundraiser.  Lancaster students should see Amber Kreger.

Additional Guidelines

As a KnightQuest participant, you need to follow these guidelines when raising money for the Central Penn College Education Foundation:

  • Any off-campus use of Central Penn College name, logo or stationery in any mailings, advertisements, or for the media must receive prior approval from our Marketing Office.
  • Tshirts or promotional items using the Central Penn College logo must receive prior approval from our Marketing Office.
  • Teams may not open a bank account under the College or Foundation’s name or federal tax ID number (TIN). Any check donations listing the Central Penn College Education Foundation as “Payee” must be forwarded to the Foundation office to be deposited.
  • All fundraising expenses must be donated or budgeted for within the proceeds of the event. The College and/or the Foundation cannot reimburse candidates/campaign team members/etc. for any expenses related to their fundraisers.
  • Teams are considered representatives of Central Penn College and the Education Foundation. As such, teams should avoid fundraisers that have a potential conflict of interest with the College’s mission, programs, or policies.
  • Team members will not sign a contract with the College or Foundation name on it.
  • Due to state laws, you are not permitted to hold a 50/50 raffle or cash BINGO.

Planning Your Fundraiser

Here are a few how-to’s to help you plan and execute your team fundraisers!

  • Pick a date. Check the activities calendar located at /college-services/clubs-activities/ to avoid any conflicts with previously scheduled events. Email your team name and the details of your event (name, date, time, location) to adriennethoman@centralpenn.edu to reserve the date. Lancaster students should contact Amber Kreger.
  • Reserve a room. Contact Student Activities Office at adriennethoman@centralpenn.edu to check room availability and to reserve a space. Lancaster students should contact Amber Kreger.
  • Request equipment. If equipment is needed (tables, chairs, grill, etc.) send an email to Maintenance@centralpenn.edu with the details of your request (name, date, time, location, specific needs).
  • Consider sound/AV needs. Limited sound equipment is available (speaker, mic, etc.). Contact Student Activities Office at adriennethoman@centralpenn.edu to check room availability and to reserve a space.
  • Promote your event. 
    • Activities Calendar – Contact Adrienne Thoman
    • Student Activities Facebook page – Contact Adrienne Thoman
    • Blackboard Clubs and Activities Page – Contact Adrienne Thoman
    • Flyers – See Liane Hrivnak in Student Services for approval
    • Student Central – submit request online at /college-services/marketing-services/announcement-request/

Keeping Track of Your Team's Progress

On the same day that you raise any funds, please turn in your funds to the Education Foundation office (in ATEC 311) so that they can keep a running tally of how each team is progressing. A sign will be posted in the ATEC lobby and will be updated each week showing how we are advancing toward our fundraising goal and will also show how each team is progressing. The Central Penn website will also show the data. We expect a close race. On to victory!


We look forward to your involvement in KnightQuest! If you have questions along the way, please contact Adrienne Thoman in the Student Activities Office, located in the Underground.

Adrienne Thoman
Activities Director
(717) 728-2286 | (717) 979-1327 (Cell)

October 17 - November 17

Goal: $2,016.00

Student teams compete to raise funds for scholarships for Central Penn students. Show off student creativity and commitment to help other students gain a college education.

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