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Mission statement:

The Learning Center helps students develop their writing and subject-specific skills by providing individualized assistance in a supportive environment, resulting in greater academic performance and an improved ability to participate in field-related discourse. 


  • Improve writing and subject-specific skills of student users
  • Improve academic performance of student users
  • Elicit positive attitudinal shifts in student users
  • Provide a supportive and culturally-diverse student space
  • Provide trained and effective staff
  • Respond to the needs of the institution

2016 Highlights:

  • The Learning Center facilitated 691 tutoring sessions.
  • The Learning Center assisted 187 individual clients.
  • Learning Center users rated their overall experience a 4.61 out of 5.

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Learning Center FAQs

What is The Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a network of tutoring assistants that supports academic success.  Students meet with tutoring assistants for help improving in their coursework and assignments and discuss resources for improving academic success.  Sessions will be casual and collaborative conversations between student and assistant. 

Where is The Learning Center located?

The Learning Center is located in ATEC 302 in Summerdale.  We also have tutors at the Lancaster campus and online.  

What if I need help after hours?

You can also access The Learning Center resources 24/7 through the Center’s Blackboard page.  To access the Center’s Blackboard page, log-in to Blackboard from the student portal.  Once there, click The Learning Center tab located along the top frame of your Blackboard home page. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment using The Learning Center’s online scheduling system called WCOnline.  To access WCOnline, log-in to the student portal and select the WCOnline tile.  From there, you will see a schedule of available tutors.

Writing Center Policies & Procedures


In order to lead productive sessions within the thirty minute time limit, we tend to follow a general order of operation:

1. The student and assistant introduce themselves.

    • If the student is a walk-in, the student and assistant complete an appointment form using the Learning Center’s online scheduling system (WCOnline) to document the session.
    • If the student has an appointment, the student and assistant will review the appointment form together to determine the focus of the session.

    2. The assistant works with the student on the academic issue:

      • If a writing assignment, the tutor will review the paper with the assistant, walk through their process, ask questions, and provide resources.  Tutors will introduce strategies for writing and ask students to try them during the session.
      • If a math or accounting assignment, the tutor may ask the student to walk them through their process, answer questions, work through practice problems, and provide resources.
      • If an academic issue, the tutor may ask questions about the academic issue (such as study skills, time management, note-taking, etc.) and provide resources to help improve those areas.

      3. As the session ends, the assistant:

        • provides specific tasks or takeaways for the student to continue working beyond the session
        • provides a brief summary of what was covered and enters it into the client report form.
        • asks the student if he/she would like the report form sent to the faculty member
        • asks the student if he/she would like to schedule a follow-up session

        4. A survey is automatically emailed to students when their session ends to provide us with feedback on our services. 


        The student should:

        • complete an appointment form.
        • visit the Center several days before an assignment’s due date to provide adequate revision time.
        • bring copies of their work, their assignment sheet, and a list of specific questions for the assistant.
        • be willing and eager to participate. 


        Assistants will:

        • ensure the students retain ownership of the assignment at all times.
        • help students interpret and implement faculty feedback.
        • provide feedback for improvement rather than “edits” or grade speculation.
        • collaborate with students on how to implement students’ ideas.
        • provide holistic feedback and strategies for problem-solving.
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