Central Penn College - Photo Policy & Request Form

Central Penn College


Marketing & Communications Department

Photo Policy

Photos taken for and by the Marketing & Communications Department are used primarily for its own publications.

To make a request for photos please complete the online request form by selecting the tab above.

Requests must be submitted 48 hours prior to the photo date for shoots during normal business hours, and two weeks prior for evening and weekend shoots. As with all requests we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are not able to provide 48 hours notice, you may check out a camera through a member of the Marketing & Communications Department.

Event Photography Requests

The Marketing & Communications Department will take photos at events if the photos will be used in the newspaper or in publications. If you can give us a 30-minute window during your event when a photo needs to be taken for use in the newspaper or in a publication, we will try to accommodate that request.

Photo Shoots

When a request is received or a need arises for images of particular individuals or settings (e.g., Amphitheater at 11:30 a.m., PTA project ), the Marketing & Communications Department will contact the appropriate faculty member or department to schedule the photographer.

Faculty members should inform classes of the upcoming photo shoot and remind students about appropriate appearance. The Marketing & Communications Department will supply the faculty member with an announcement to be made to the class with suggestions for making the shoot as effective as possible.

The faculty member is asked to permit the photographer to make an announcement upon arrival at the classroom. The photographer will introduce himself, briefly explain his purpose and allow students who wish not to be photographed to move to a part of the room that will not be included in his photos. This process is dependent upon students not wishing to participate identifying themselves to the photographer.

It is assumed that students participating in a photo shoot are giving their permission for the photos to be used as the College sees fit. Students can opt out of the shoot if that is their choice. If students not wishing to be photographed fail to identify themselves to the photographer, it will be very difficult to exclude them from the resulting images.

Choice of Photos

The Marketing & Communications Department, in consultation with requesting departments when possible, is responsible for choosing images on behalf of Central Penn College for use on the College Web site and in various publications and projects. Occasionally images are shared with outside entities making requests.

Choices for photographs are made with great sensitivity to:

  •     the goal for the message(s) to be communicated,
  •     the quality of the photo,
  •     providing a truthful representation of the College, and
  •     the impact of the photo on the audience's perception of Central Penn College. 

Photo Release

The Marketing Services Department does not attempt to collect photo release forms from members of Central Penn College's faculty or student body. We also make the assumption that Central Penn College faculty and students are our best resources for marketing the College to its constituencies and that they will welcome involvement in these activities. A disclaimer in the College Catalog and as part of the admissions application informs students about the College photo policy.

Still or video photo shoots may be informal (candids of campus scenes, performance groups, large groups or activities) or formal (planned visits to classrooms, labs or offices; headshots with professional backgrounds; or video shoots on campus) in nature. All photographic images become the property of Central Penn College. Marketing & Communications staff members add the digital photos or video footage captured to the College's library of images (maintained by Marketing & Communications Department) that becomes a resource for the Web site and College publications.