Central Penn College - Emergency Response Team

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Emergency Response Team

Ensuring Student Safety.

Central Penn College’s Emergency Response Team, which consists of employees from different areas of the College, is charged with coordinating a swift, organized and comprehensive reaction to emergencies at any Central Penn College location. The Emergency Response Team meets quarterly to discuss proactive action items to protect the safety and security of the College community. 

Central Penn’s comprehensive emergency response plan documents Emergency Response Team member roles and responsibilities, notification procedures and protocols for specific emergencies. Objectives of the plan are to:

  • Protect the safety of students, faculty, staff and community members
  • Coordinate a quick, clear and consistent response
  • Maintain focus on known facts and positive behavior
  • Represent Central Penn as responsible and caring
  • Keep all key publics regularly informed of updated information, and maintain their confidence in Central Penn
  • Cooperate and maintain honesty with media to ensure accurate and appropriate news coverage
  • Minimize rumors
  • Restore order
  • Develop plans to alleviate future emergency response problems 

Questions about the College’s Emergency Response Plan? Contact Public Safety at (717) 728-2364 or (717) 982-1808. 

In the event of an emergency

Call 911 first!

After calling 911, alert Central Penn's security officers, if it is safe to do so.