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Have a question? Chances are, we have an answer below just waiting for you. If you don't see your question listed, or if you need soem more information, you can always contact us by visiting the Advising Center in Summerdale (Bollinger Hall), room 136 in Lancaster, or by calling (800) 759-2727.

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Who are the College Advisors?

Three of our advisors are located at the Summerdale Campus. Romeo Azondekon and Shaashawn Dial work with traditional students who take day classes and live on campus or commute to Central Penn. Shannon Zeller works with Continuing Education Students, online students, and degree completion students attending classes in Sunbury.

Samantha Cuascut works with online students and her office is located at the Lancaster Center. Michael Filippo works with both online students and Continuing Education students from the Lancaster Center.  

In addition, students attending the Lehigh Valley Center are advised by John Bing, Lehigh Valley Dean.  He also advises Central Penn degree completion students attending classes in Pottsville and Hazleton.  Kim Salgado, Lancaster Dean, also advises students attending the Lancaster Center.

Where is the Advising Center located?

The Advising Center is located in Summerdale (Main Campus) on the 2nd floor of Bollinger Hall in room 52. In Lancaster, the advisors are located in Room 136.

What are community service hours and do I need to complete them?

Community service hours are required for all programs. Students enrolled in an associate degree program must complete 25 hours prior to graduation and bachelor degree students must complete 50 hours prior to graduation. Community service hours are defined as volunteer or unpaid work. Please visit the community service list at for a list of some volunteer opportunities.

If I am a double major, do I have to do 100 hours of Community Service?

No, there is only a maximum of 50 hours needed.

What does PF or LG stand for?

PF stands for Pass or Fail. LG stands for Letter Grade course.

How do I register for next term classes?

Check out the Advising Blog which provides lots of information about registration. At the bottom of the page there is a link to a PowerPoint called "How to Register" which provides step by step instructions.  Registration for the next term begins during week 4 of the current term.

I want to change my major. How can I do that?

Before you decide to change your major, please contact your Advisor. They can assist you and direct you accordingly. The Change of Major form is located on My.CentralPenn.edu under the Student Tab.

I need to change a course, how can I do that?

You can only add and drop courses without penalty during the first week of the term. If you want to change your courses, log into My.CentralPenn. From there, click on the student tab and locate the Course Add/Drop Form in the Student Forms box. Fill out the information that it requests. Once the form is submitted electronically, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office saying that changes have been made to your schedule. When the beginning of the term starts you have until the end of the first week to add a course. To withdraw from a course you have until the Friday of week 7  to receive a "W".  

Remember, if you make changes to the number of credits you are taking, your financial aid may be affected, please contact financial aid at (800) 759-2727 before making changes to your number of credits.

How can I order my books?

Textbooks can be ordered online beginning during week 9 of the current term.  You can access the online bookstore by clicking here.   Once you have your schedule, you can shop by course prefix and number ( ex; BUS100- Business Principles). You will create an account and the books will be shipped directly to you.  If the book is on back order, order it anyway which will trigger the bookstore to get more copies.

I wish to take off a term, how can I do that?

If you wish to take a term off, please contact your Advisor for assistance.  For traditional students there is not an option to take a term off, you can choose to withdraw or apply for a leave of absence. If you live on campus you will also need to contact Megan Peterson, Resident Life Director. 

If you are a continuing education student, online student, or attending an offsite location; the policy is different and you should contact your Advisor directly for more details.

How do I find out who my Advisor is?

Log onto My.CentralPenn, click on the student tab, then unofficial transcript. Once your unofficial transcript appears,  you should see information such as:  your advisor's name, your major, your academic status, and more.  You should also receive regular communications from your Advisor, which will be sent to your Central Penn student email account

How do I find out about scholarships?

If you are interested in applying for scholarships, click here for more information.

If there is an emergency after hours, who do I go to?

If you have an emergency on campus, call security at (717) 728-2364 or (717) 982-1808. The Security Office is located in Bollinger Hall Room 43. For offsite locations, please follow the emergency instructions posted at your specific location. If the matter is urgent, call 911 immediately.

Where do I go if I need a tutor?

If you are in need of a tutor contact Kathy Andersen, Dean of Students in Bollinger Hall 52, via email at KathyAndersen@centralpenn.edu or call (717) 728-2273. Dean Andersen emails the student tutor list to all students, staff, and faculty by the end of week two of the term. You can also contact your Advisor for assistance.

How will I know if I end up on academic probation?

Academic probation occurs when a student enters the college with a grade point average (GPA) below 2.0, fails to earn a 2.0 cumulative gpa after their first term, or fails required courses.  You will receive a letter from Central Penn approximately 3-7 days after the term ends. 

How do I calculate my GPA?

Log onto My.CentralPenn. On the student tab, click GPA projection. It is also located in the course catalog

What does it take to make the Dean’s List?

To make the Dean's List you need to earn an in-term GPA of 3.5 or higher.

How do I know which courses I need to take?

You should have received a Transfer Evaluation or Degree Matrix when you enrolled at Central Penn (for a copy, contact your advisor).  This will list all of your course requirements.  Update this document each term as you complete your requirements.  We recommend that you take at least 1 core course each term for part-time students and at least 2 core courses each term for full-time students.  If you have questions about where courses will fit into your requirements, check out the Course Catalog or contact your Advisor for assistance.

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