Central Penn College - Writing Center - Policies


Writing Center


Procedures of a session

  • Students will be required to complete a form at the beginning of each visit.  The form will request the student’s name, email, class, assignment, and goals for that particular session.
  • Typical sessions will end after thirty minutes.  In this time, the Writing Assistant and student will prioritize their concerns.  Identifying pressing issues may cause the student’s original goals to be pushed to a lower priority.
  • A Writing Assistant’s main duty is to serve as a sounding board for the student.  Writing Assistants will listen to or read the assignment, then ask the student to clarify and further explain confusing passages.  These questions help develop and clarify the student’s ideas.
  • If the student feels that their paper was not fully addressed within the thirty minutes, the Writing Assistant will encourage the student to set-up additional appointments.
  • When a session ends, the Writing Assistant will write a brief summary of the session in the student’s profile for future reference.

Scheduling Appointments

  • Walk-ins are welcome, but they are subject to waiting times.
  • Appointments can be made through email and (one day!) the writing center’s website.
  • Email writingcenter@centralpenn.edu with your name, your desired time to meet, and a brief description of the assignment you wish to discuss.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify writing center staff twelve hours before the designated time.
    • If a student misses three appointments without proper notification, they will be banned from scheduling further appointments for the rest of the term.
    • The student will still be able to see a Writing Assistant during walk-in hours.
  • If a student is more than ten minutes late to an appointment, it can be made available for waiting walk-in students.

Student preparation for a session

  • The student must bring two printed copies of their current draft, their assignment sheet, and a list of specific questions for the Writing Assistant.
  • The student should visit the writing center several days before an assignment’s due date to provide adequate revision time.
  • Students that attend a session must be willing and eager to participate.  The student will be the primary actor and doer, so the productivity of the session will depend upon the student’s attitude.

Maintaining Academic Integrity

  • Writing Assistants will not write or type any student work.  The student must retain ownership of the assignment at all times.
  • Writing Assistants will not speculate on grades.
  • Writing Assistants will not provide ideas that override or alter the student’s original voice, style, or idea.
  • Writing Assistants will not proofread or “mark-up” student papers.  Instead, Writing Assistants will help students learn to identify grammatical errors and demonstrate how to correct them.  Writing Assistants “teach the man to fish” rather than “give the man a fish.”