Central Penn College Allied Health Students Earn Recognition

Congratulations to allied health students Katic Suada and Emily Bodein for receiving two new awards given by the School of Health Sciences.

Suada was recognized with the Perseverance Award, which is given to someone who demonstrates commitment to the profession and college by maintaining good attendance, participating in campus events and in professional events; overcoming obstacles in the classroom and in life.

Bodein received the Leadership Award for constantly developing people and helping others reach their full potential. This individual possesses the combination of personality and leadership skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction.

Let’s learn a little more about both of these allied health students…

Katic Suada – Health Science

Her nomination reads:

“Katic has demonstrated immense determination in completing her education. She grew up Bosnia and endured enormous challenges during the 1992 war, however; she would later migrate to United States to escape the conflict. She’s currently enrolled in the Health Science program and on track to completing her lifelong goal of earning a degree.”

A second faculty member wrote:

“Katic grew up in a war zone and then immigrated to the US. She works in a hospital as a Rad tech, but wants to become a PA. She is in the health science program and has had to overcome the unexpected loss of one of her classmates. Despite all these hurdles, Suada will be completing capstone in Winter 2020oal of achieving a college degree.

Emily Bodein – Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Bodein’s nomination reads:

“Emily is a quiet leader, and works very hard to do her best in school. She has been a tutor for younger students, assisted with A&P study groups, helps in the Learning Center, and is very active on campus. Recently, we had a high school student visit to look into the PTA program.

“Emily took this student under her wing and made him a part of their group, showed him how to use Modalities (he shadowed a Modalities class), and looked for other learning opportunities for him while on campus. She is also active in the PTA club. I believe she should be recognized for all that she does.”

From a different faculty member:

“Emily has shown her strong personality in this program. She works hard, has a very tough regimen of studying, volunteers a tremendous amount of hours, but also provides her services for underclassmen and helps them by tutoring them. Emily shows pride in her work and is dedicated to becoming a leader in her field by her sheer dedication!”

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