Access to Wi-Fi for students at Central Penn College’s Summerdale Campus

Internet service is critical for students to access learning materials, including the learning management system (Blackboard), online, open educational resources, virtual advising, online tutoring, etc. as well as synchronous and asynchronous lectures. To assist students with this critical need, the college will permit students to access college Wi-Fi from Parking Lot C on the north side of campus by the apartments. 

You may access Wi-Fi under the following provisions:

  • Limit access to 8 a.m. – Midnight
  • Require vehicles to have a current Central Penn College parking permit. Please contact Public Safety, if you are in need of a parking permit
  • Login to Knight-Wifi-Sum with current Student Credentials. Instructions located at  
  • Students must remain in their vehicles and follow the recommended CDC guidelines for social gatherings.
  • Vehicle occupancy should not be exceeded
  • The Central Penn College Public Safety Department will monitor parking lots and have the authority to ask students to leave for any reason
  • Repeated violations may result in loss of privilege
  • Trash receptacles will not be available and littering will not be permitted
  • All campus rules and state laws remain in effect
  • Park on lower level Lot C* only.  Upper two levels (Lots A & B) will not have the same strength of signal

*WiFi coverage in parking lot C may be intermittent and is subject to interference.

Central Penn Wi-fi

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