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Corporate Leadership Certificate

It is often said that leadership is action, not position. But what actions should you be taking to excel in your position as a corporate leader, or to rise up into the ranks of leadership? Many people have been promoted up the corporate ladder, but never receive the formal training in management skills they need. And in these post-pandemic times, when the economy is anemic and employee morale may be lagging, proven leadership strategies are more vital than ever.

By earning a certificate in corporate leadership, through six three-credit courses, you can become a stronger thought leader in as little as nine months, or continue on to earn your bachelor’s degree in business administration. Your philosophical training and hands-on skills will be especially valuable as you seek lucrative work in corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Certificate in Corporate Leadership

The Certificate in Corporate Leadership offers six three-credit courses to introduce students to the field of management, communications, planning and problem-solving. These courses are designed to heighten a student’s appreciation for complex and diverse real-world problems in today’s business climate.  Leaders will understand the implications of workplace diversity, organizational change and corporate culture, and tap into proven critical thinking, problem-solving, research and outreach methods.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between management, leadership, administration and supervision
  • Develop techniques to continually improve an organization through critical thinking, problem-solving, communicating, market research and more. Prepare and organize management concepts for application in various types of business and organizational environments.
  • Categorize and demonstrate an understanding of how leadership decisions impact the workforce, workflow, and financial stability.

Program offered



BUS 220 Principles of Management
BUS 365 Organizational Behavior
COM 101 Introduction to Human Communications
IDS 325 Nature of Leadership
PHI 105 Ethics
PHI 300 Critical Thinking

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Careers you can pursue

  • General manager
  • Operations manager
  • Front -line supervisor in retail sales
  • Front-line supervisor in non-retail sales

You will succeed if you are...

  • Outgoing
  • Have a take-charge personality
  • Are an idea person
  • Dedicated
  • Steadfast
  • Analytical
  • Driven
  • Intelligent
  • Flexible


90.5% of our graduates were employed in their chosen field or continuing their education within one year of graduation.

* Based on graduates whom we have information during a one-year period from 2021-22. It should be noted that 97.1% of graduates were employed in some capcity or continuing their education.

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