Advising Center

Student Success and Advising Center

The Student Success and Advising Center provides students with the support and resources needed to not only navigate the college experience but also thrive academically, professionally and personally.

The Student Success and Advising Center provides students with the following opportunities: 

  • Plan their degrees
  • Meet with their Coach to register for classes
  • Discuss potential course options with their Coach
  • Build time management skills
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Navigate the college campus and resources
  • Identify and develop their strengths
  • Create plans for success during and after college 

The center works with students to overcome the following challenges: 

  • Obstacles related to course registration
  • Issues understanding coursework or program
  • Difficulty navigating various offices on campus
  • Improve overall academic progress
  • Get acclimated to the academic experience during first term

What Student Success Coaches Do

At Central Penn College, incoming students are assigned a Student Success Coach who assists them from enrollment to graduation. Students can meet with their coaches to discuss, plan and collaborate on each step of their academic journey. For instance, students might want to meet with their coaches to… 

  • understand their program requirements and plan their degrees
  • navigate college resources
  • determine which courses to take and when
  • decide if they are in the right major

Coaches actively reach out to students throughout the term. Through one-on-one, in-person and virtual meetings with students, Success Coaches build relationships with students to help them achieve their dream of success. 

The Advising Center also offers programming throughout each term in which students can learn and grow the skills necessary to achieve academic success. We offer workshops and seminars to help students build skills outside of the classroom that will enrich their experience and success within the classroom. These programs demonstrate our commitment to advising as a means of teaching students invaluable skills they will use during college and after. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower students to achieve the dream they have for their lives, and the first step is helping each student discover what makes them uniquely talented. Coaches are here to help students identify those talents and use them to succeed during their academic journey and beyond. 

Finally, Central Penn Student Success Coaches take as many opportunities as possible to celebrate student success. We host end-of-term celebrations at both campuses, in addition to other events, to make sure students feel their hard work and success is recognized and appreciated.

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