Faculty Bio: Brian Howells

Brian Howells

Program Leader of Sports Management


  • BUS111: Current Issues in Sports
  • BUS211 Sports Leadership & Ethics
  • BUS311 Sports Management
  • BUS411 Sports Coaching

Teaching Philosophy

My classroom will be a focus on active learning. I will set high expectations for myself and my students. I will use new and cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning environment; but most importantly student’s will know that I care for them individually and not just as a student in my class, and I am always there to help them in their education journey. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own learning. I aspire to create a safe environment for learning for all students. Passive approaches where students take notes and listen during teacher-centered lessons are not as conducive to deep learning as lessons in which students are learning through discovery, active listening and sharing of ideas. Students who are motivated and inspired to learn will come to school with a positive mindset. I work hard to promote student self-motivation by giving them agency to explore areas of interest within the curriculum It is a great pleasure to apply to work every day to help our future citizens and I aspire to make a difference in this world through education.


Brian Howells is an experienced educator, coach and mentor teaching students of all ages—from elementary to college—since the early ’2000s. He has been a teacher, principal, and an athletic director through his years in education. He holds two master’s Degree’s (Sports Management and Special Education), an additional graduate certificate in Online Teaching and a Doctorate’s Degree in Sports Management. He also brings additional decades of real-world experience from the military to personal training to coaching to his craft. Brian has been an innovator in the Autism Spectrum education sector, known for having a niche for fixing struggling schools. Brian has had several educational and coaching awards through the years including Adjunct Professor of the year, educator of the year, and coach of the year. In coaching and leading teams, Brian has won several championships in many different sports from youth to college. Brian works tirelessly to find unique and cutting-edge ways to help his students achieve mastery in their area of study. Humor, patience, empathy, and a passion for leaving a legacy through his gifts are cornerstones of his approach to helping others through education. Brian also worked with NFL coaches during his doctoral mentorship as well as several HBCU’s to help create a partnership between football and wrestling coaches to expand wrestling opportunities to urban areas. Brian also is an author of one college textbook title Personal Fitness and Wellness. As with teaching, using a simplistic approach, with a knack and a unique understanding of how to relate to others, Brian is passionate about making a difference through education.


  • Doctorate (EdD) in Sports Management & Leadership (ABD), United States Sports Academy, School of Leadership, 2021
  • Master’s Certificate in Online Teaching and Curriculum Design, Webster University, School of Education, 2014
  • Master’s in Sports Management, United States Sports Academy, School of Leadership, 2010
  • Master’s in Special Education, NOVA South Eastern University School of Education, 2005
  • Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies, Sacramento State/Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. 2003


  • K-12 Teacher Certification Special Education
  • Physical Education & Health Online Teaching & Learning Certification
  • ISSA Personal Training Certification

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