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Academic Placement and Placement Testing

Central Penn College administers a placement exam to all incoming students. The
placement exam assessment is a self-adaptive test used to determine placement
in mathematics.

Students who do not pass the placement exam with a score of 75 or higher, waive
taking the test upon admission, or who don’t transfer in appropriate credits will be placed
in developmental math courses. Developmental classes do not carry credit applied to
graduation. Developmental course fees are consistent with three credit courses, as
they also require 44 hours of instructional time. Financial aid may cover developmental
coursework, based on a student’s eligibility.

Transfer students may be exempt from certain aspects of testing based on transfer
courses and should communicate with test proctors regarding transfer courses and
testing needs. Additionally, students may be exempt from this exam if they scored
higher than 410 on the SATs or higher than 21 on the ACTs.

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