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Associate in Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree program in Accounting prepares students to be
successful in the Accounting profession. Students majoring in Accounting will have
the opportunity to obtain knowledge in the core subjects, such as financial accounting,
managerial accounting, cost accounting, individual income tax and various accounting
and business courses. The objective of the Accounting program is to provide students
with the knowledge and skills to start or continue a successful career in the field of

Program Learning Outcomes
• Interpret and apply generally accepted accounting principles and standards.
• Demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of software applications common to
the accounting profession.
• Analyze and interpret accounting data and communicate financial results.
• Develop an understanding of internal control issues and the effects of the regulatory
environment on financial reporting.
• Develop management and leadership skills to become a champion for financial
accountability within an organization.

Admissions Requirements
Applicants are encouraged to have successfully completed two units of secondary math,
including algebra. This adequately prepares students for learning the upper-level college
math required in the programs and within specific courses. Completion of at least one
accounting course in high school is strongly recommended.

Program Requirements
In addition to the 36 credits of general education and elective requirements including
MTH200 Statistics, students are required to take a core group of courses associated
with their major to total 76 credits.
Accounting Core Courses – 40 credits
ACC100 Accounting I *
ACC110 Accounting II
ACC200 Managerial Accounting
ACC210 Data Management Applications
ACC220 Income Tax
ACC230 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC300 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC310 Nonprofit Accounting
ACC320 Cost Accounting
BUS200 Finance I
BUS215 Microeconomics
INT299 Associate Degree Internship
LGS250 Business Law
STS300 Job Pursuit Seminar
An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress.

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