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ART100 Drawing and Illustration 3 Credits
This course is designed to introduce students to drawing and illustration techniques that focus
on proportion, light, and perspective. Using media such as pencil, charcoal, pen, and pastels,
students translate abstract concepts into visual design.

ART105 Arts and Humanities 3 Credits
A course designed to introduce students to the arts — specifically, painting, literature, drama,
and music as distinguished from the sciences and from history, philosophy, and theology.
Through a variety of experiences, including lectures, guest speakers, field trips, and projects,
students develop the ability to critically appreciate “the arts.”

ART115 Theater and the Performing Arts 3 Credits
This is an introductory course in which students will learn both the tradition and the
mechanics of theater: its history, purpose, and meaning. The course will focus on questions
of theatre and society, global traditions and similarities, and multicultural representations.
Students will learn theatre concepts and specific historical traditions through study, analysis,
and performance.

ART120 Art Appreciation 3 Credits
Why do we make art? This course is an introduction to the artistic techniques, styles, periods,
and production of art from pre-history to present. Particular emphasis is placed on the
origins and historical development of art as well as the design principles of art forms such
as architecture, sculpture, painting, and photography. Students will ask questions about the
status of art, its relationship to identity formation, and its sociocultural function.

ART205 Art History 3 Credits
This introduction to the history of art provides a critical analysis of artistic forms from
prehistory to the present. Periods such as prehistoric art, ancient Greek and Roman art,
medieval art, Renaissance art, Baroque and Rococo art, and contemporary art are covered.
The scope of the course is global in nature with particular emphasis on Africa, Asia
and the Americas.

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