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Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Corporate Communications

The mission of the programs in Communications is to provide students with learning
experiences that encompass a range of skills that prepare them to be effective
communicators in a variety of settings and modalities.

The curriculum develops skilled communicators who utilize critical thinking, and who are
prepared to act in socially responsible and ethical ways while communicating through a
variety of channels to a wide spectrum of diverse audiences.

Our curriculum emphasizes the foundational components of communication, including
the interpersonal and team-building skills that promote collaboration and cooperation in
an increasingly diverse workplace and marketplace. Students will also develop practical
skills along with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical bases from which
these skills are developed. Students will be prepared to adapt to frequent changes in
communications technology.

Students will demonstrate a command of various aspects of professional
communication, including writing and presentation skills for interpersonal interaction,
and broadcast performance in digital and traditional formats.
Students completing the program are prepared to pursue positions in many areas
of professional communication, including public relations, digital/print media, and

Program Learning Outcomes
• Evaluate the fields of communications including corporate and nonprofit
communications, public relations, print/digital media, and political communications.
• Explain the core areas of communication, including the rules, standards and
practices of traditional and digital communications.
• Apply the characteristics of successful organizational communication strategies and
create, implement, and evaluate such strategies
• Appraise the impact communications technology has on the distribution and
consumption of media within societies and cultures globally.
• Communicate effectively—in speech, writing, and visual arts—in a variety of
interpersonal and mass media settings.

Program Requirements
In addition to the 60 credits of general education and elective requirements, students
must take a core group of courses and choice classes associated with their major to
total 124 credit hours.
Corporate Communications Core Courses – 43 credits
COM100 Survey of Mass Communications
COM130 Public Relations
COM140 Media Writing
COM215 Communications Ethics
COM220 Journalism I
COM225 Writing for Public Relations
COM230 Desktop Publishing I
COM265 Organizational Communications and Leadership
COM270 Writing for Broadcast Media
COM320 Feature Writing
COM340 Communications Law
COM390 Public Affairs Reporting
COM395 Photojournalism
INT499 Bachelor Degree Internship
STS300 Job Pursuit Seminar
Choice Classes – 21 credits (15 credits must be at the 300 level or higher)

Students must take 15 credits of communications choice courses at the 300 level or
higher. Students can choose the remaining six credits from any level communications
choice course. Communications choice courses include any course code starting with
COM as well as BUS250 and ENG425.

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