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Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management Program Mission
Through the use of innovative online educational strategies, the Bachelor of Science
in Healthcare Management (BSHM) degree offers associate’s degree level healthcare
professionals the opportunity for career advancement through a curriculum that
encompasses critical thinking, problem solving and evidence based research.
Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills, both written and oral, in a
    manner reflective of business and healthcare professionals
  2. Evaluate how business concepts and models can be used to respond to
    the unique clinical, organizational, and fiscal demands in the dynamic
    healthcare environment
  3. Evaluate the complexities of healthcare organizations including the
    implications of work-place diversity, organizational change, and the
    corporate culture
  4. Apply analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills to make informed
    decisions regarding resource allocation, human resource allocation, and
    medical ethics.
  5. Analyze the role effective leadership models play in organizational performance
    and change
  6. Compare current healthcare management strategies utilizing evidence based
    scholarly inquiry.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (BSHM) degree program is a 124
credit major directed toward healthcare professionals who possess and associate’s
degree, preferably hold a professional credential in a healthcare profession (e.g.
respiratory therapy, medical information technician, cardiovascular technologist,
paramedic, dental hygienist, medical assistant, physical therapy assistant, occupational
therapy assistant). In addition to business and management coursework, the program’s
curriculum also includes key courses in healthcare management, policy and healthcare
delivery strategies. This degree can offer healthcare professionals opportunities
within healthcare systems for career advancement into supervisory, management, or
educational positions.

Admission Requirements
The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program has the following criteria:
• Students must have completed a minimum of 60 credits from an accredited
institution and was awarded an Associate’s Degree in a health related field at the
accredited institution.
• Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher at the institution awarding the
Associate’s Degree.
• Submit two professional reference letters.
Progression Policy for the Healthcare Management Program
Graduates of the Healthcare Management Program are expected to be prepared for
advancement into management or administrative roles in the workplace. CORE courses
are designated as “C to progress” meaning that students must obtain a minimum grade
of C in these courses to progress through the coursework. Students are also required to
maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 for all courses taken at Central Penn College to complete
requirements for the Bachelor’s degree.

If a student scores below a C (73%) in one of the CORE courses they will have one
opportunity to retake the course.

If on the second attempt the final grade falls below a C (73%) the student will not be
able to continue in the program.

Maintenance of a 2.5 GPA is also required to remain in the program. Academic
warning occurs when a student falls below 2.5 at the end of any academic term.
Academic dismissal occurs when a student’s GPA falls below a 2.5 and the student fails
to demonstrate achievement of a 2.5 GPA in the following term.

Midterm warnings are issued when the course grade at midterm falls below a C
(73%). Students are advised to seek guidance immediately from the course faculty to
develop remediation strategies that can support successful course completion.

The student has a right to appeal the dismissal decision. The Academic Grievance
Policy can be accessed online in the Central Penn College Catalog.
Professional Credentials

Students who are enrolled in the BSHM program will be awarded up to 60 credits
for their associate’s degree and 15 credits for professional credentials based on their
individual transfer evaluations. Those students who do not hold a current professional
credential, will be required to take 15 additional BSHM choice course credits.

Program Requirements
In addition to the 60 credits of general education and elective requirements, students
are required to take a core group of courses and choice classes to total 124 credits.
Students will be awarded up to 60 credits for their Associate Degree and 15 credits for
Professional Credentials towards the 124-credit total, based on their transfer evaluation.
The courses in parenthesis are prerequisites and must be fulfilled.

Healthcare Management Core Courses – 34 credits
ALH255 Medical Law & Ethics (offered spring and fall terms)
ALH320 Health Services Organization & Management (BUS220) (offered summer and
winter terms)
ALH330 Healthcare Policies & Politics (BUS220) (offered summer and winter terms)
ALH388 Healthcare Quality Management (ALH320) (offered summer and winter terms)
ALH410 Health Economics & Financial Strategies (BUS100 and BUS365) (offered
summer and winter terms)
BUS100 Introduction to Business
BUS220 Principles of Management
BUS245 Human Resources (BUS100 or BUS220)
BUS365 Organizational Behavior (BUS220)
ENG220 Business Communications (ENG102)
IDS499 CE Capstone Course for the Bachelor Degree

Choice Courses – 15 Credits (12 credits must be at 300 level or higher)
Students applying to the program who do not possess professional credentials
will be required to take a total of 30 healthcare management choice credits, 24 at
the 300 or higher level.

Students choose from a range of courses to tailor their degree to their
individual interests.
ALH365 Issues and Trends in Healthcare (ALH320 or ALH330) (offered spring and
summer terms)
ALH370 Healthcare Informatics (ALH330) (offered summer and winter term)
ALH375 The Interprofessional Healthcare Team (ENG220) (offered spring and fall terms)
ALH400 Hospital & Health Services Administration (BUS365 and ALH410) (offered
spring and fall term)
ALH405 Healthcare Leadership (ALH255 and BUS365) (offered spring and fall term)
ALH420 Healthcare Planning & Marketing (BUS220 and BUS230) (offered summer term)
BUS215 Microeconomics
BUS230 Principles of Marketing [pre for ALH420] (BUS100 or BUS220)
BUS302 Health, Safety and Security (BUS245)
BUS345 Operations Management (BUS100 or BUS220 and TEC103 or another
computer class)
BUS355 Project Management (BUS100 or BUS220)
BUS401 Organizational Process Improvement (BUS365)
BUS402 Organizational Change Management (BUS365)
BUS450 Labor Relations (BUS220 and BUS245)
BUS460 Evaluation & Assessment (BUS245)
BUS465 Training & Development (BUS245)
IDS400 Topics in Multiculturalism (HUM105, SOC100 or PSY100)
PHI310 Death and Dying (ALH255 or ALH280 or PHI105 or NUR330)
SOC400 Leadership in Society (ENG102 and one social science course)
SOC410 Race & Gender (HUM105 or SOC105)

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