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Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Legal Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Legal Studies prepares students to
be successful in the legal profession. Students majoring in legal studies have the
opportunity to obtain knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited
to, constitutional law, legal research and writing, litigation, and criminal law. Students will
also complete a 360-hour internship.

The objective of the Legal Studies Bachelor of Science degree program is to provide
students with a baccalaureate education to facilitate and enhance their employability
within their respective field of study, as well as prepare for graduate study including law
school. With all substantive legal courses being taught by licensed attorneys, graduates
of this program study law from those who are most academically and experientially
qualified. The program is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and this
approval process requires that nine (9) hours of legal specialty courses are taken in a
traditional classroom format. Non attorneys may not provide legal services directly to the
public except as permitted by law.

Program Learning Outcomes
• A thorough comprehension of relevant bodies of law, the legal system,judicial pro
cesses, and prevailing legal theory.
• Problem solving and research ability relative to legal issues, principles, and
• Development of computer literacy skills.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Technical skills in legal research, writing and analysis, substantive case evaluation,
legal communication, law office and courtroom procedures, and case preparation
and management. Proficiency in the use of computer-assisted legal research.
• The ability to perform and manage procedural and substantive legal tasks in an
ethical manner.
• Professional maturity and preparedness to function effectively and professionally in
a legal environment.

Program Requirements
In addition to the 57 credits of general education and elective requirements, students are
required to take a core group of courses and choice classes associated with their major,
for a total of 120 credits.
Legal Studies Core Courses – 51 credits
LGS110 Foundations in Law
LGS130 Principles of Legal Research
LGS135 Legal Research and Writing I
LGS140 Civil Litigation I
LGS170 Criminal Procedure
LGS180 Historical Perspectives of the Constitution
LGS200 Contracts
LGS210 Evidence
LGS220 Torts
LGS230 Civil Litigation II
LGS260 Administrative Law
LGS265 Criminal Law
LGS280 Legal Research and Writing II
LGS285 Legal Seminar
LGS310 Legal Communications
LGS340 Advanced Legal Research and Writing
INT499 Bachelor Degree Internship
IDS490 Bachelor Degree Capstone
Choice Classes:
In addition to the core classes, students choose 12 credits from the following courses
according to their individual interests:
COM340 Communications Law
CRI315 Advanced Issues in Evidence
CRI365 Cyber Investigation
LGS370 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LGS400 Advanced Criminal Procedure
LGS410 Advanced Constitutional Law
LGS415 Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution
LGS420 Advanced Criminal Law

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