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BUS100 Introduction to Business 3 Credits
This is a fundamental survey course in Business Administration offering a basic understanding
of the nature and scope of business in the modern world. Consideration of business
practices, such as management, organization, production, human resources, information
technology, marketing, and ethics, is an integral part of the course. Students use a variety of
external resources.

BUS105 Fundamentals of Selling 3 Credits
This is a fundamental course for students to learn about the selling environment and
successful selling techniques, including presentation and closing skills. The course
emphasizes the desirable qualities of a successful salesperson with a special emphasis on
building relationships, customer relationship management and product knowledge. Students
participate in role-playing and sales presentations to develop selling ability
and self-confidence.

BUS115 Business Accounting 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the basics of accounting including what accounting
information is, how it is developed, how it is used, and what it means. Financial statements
are examined to identify the information communicated within and how they are used in
everyday decision-making and problem solving within the business world.
Prerequisites: MTH010 with min 2.0 GPA, MTH101, MTH105, MTH125, MTH150, MTH200,
MTH245, MTH250, or minimum required score on Accuplacer or other college placement
test, ACT, or SAT math sections.
BUS120 Spreadsheet Applications 3 Credits
This course is designed to expose the students to the advanced capabilities of spreadsheet
software. The use of current spreadsheet software is integral to creating spreadsheet projects
based on real business situations.

BUS200 Finance I 3 Credits
This course is a study of the financial problems associated with the life cycle of a business.
Topics covered include the sources and use of business funds, cost of capital, risk, asset
management, and capital investments and valuation. Students are trained in the programming
and use of the widely-accepted financial calculators for the solution of practical
business applications.
Prerequisite: ACC110 or concurrent registration

BUS210 Macroeconomics 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the concepts, principles, and problems of economics.
Emphasis is placed on the role of monetary and fiscal policy in pursuing macroeconomic

BUS215 Microeconomics 3 Credits
This course will examine the factors that affect the economic choices of consumers or
producers when purchasing or selling goods and services.

BUS220 Principles of Management 3 Credits
This course provides a conceptual framework for fundamental knowledge of management.
Primary consideration is given to the areas of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
Emphasizing both the art and science of management through a variety of approaches to
learning that may include lecture formats, case studies, outside readings and interviews.

BUS230 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
This course studies current concepts and strategies of marketing activities. The marketing
environment including ethics and social responsibility are brought out. The major divisions in
marketing and their relationship to target markets, products, strategies, and distribution are
discussed. Studies of current practices of specific companies are reviewed and analyzed.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or BUS220

BUS235 Consumer Behavior 3 Credits
This course concentrates on the theories of consumer behavior and research findings as
they apply to the sales effort. The course includes concepts such as factors affecting buying
decisions, media selection and effectiveness, and consumer response measurements.

BUS240 Survey of Sports Management 3 Credits
This is an overview of the general areas of sports management with emphasis on the
relationship of developing and using a marketing strategy. Included in the study is the
relationship of management with the customer and participants from the planning stage
through the execution stage.

BUS245 Human Resources 3 Credits
This course provides guideposts for effective performance in recruiting, selecting and placing
people in the right jobs, training and development, performance appraisals, benefits and
compensation, health and safety in the workplace, and labor relations.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or BUS220

BUS250 Advertising 3 Credits
This course is a study of the principles involved in the planning, creation, and use of
advertising through the use of newspaper, magazine, radio, television, outdoor, and direct
mail. This course includes the economics, methods, and psychology of advertising, with an
introduction to marketing research, consumer analysis, and market analysis. Work is done in
creation of original copy and layout.

BUS260 International Business 3 Credits
This is a fundamental course addressing international business and management. The course
focuses on international business with a study of how the political, social, and economic
environment of foreign cultures affect business attitudes and operations. The impact of
cultural, economical, and political forces on business practices in a global organization
is studied.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or BUS220

BUS265 Business Ethics 3 Credits
This course prepares future managers to understand ethical issues specific to business.
Topics include the significance of ethics as a core component of business growth;
ethical challenges related to management conduct, judgment and decision-making; the
source of ethical problems in business and how to prevent them; ethical issues specific
to the functional areas of business including leadership, marketing, and finance; ethical
considerations relative to -corporate stakeholders, the global business environment and
environmental sustainability; and ethical management in a world of fast-paced
technological change.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or chair approval
BUS270 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3 Credits
This course provides an overview of the responsibility and importance of “small businesses”
as they relate to the current business community and the entrepreneur. It provides an
understanding of the complexities and problems associated with ownership, management,
administration, and finances.
Prerequisites: COM101 and BUS230

BUS275 Digital Media Marketing 3 Credits
Digital Marketing is where marketing meets the internet and other forms of new media.
Through a combination of lecture, case studies, and course projects, student will assess
various digital media marketing channels; understand the importance of establishing a
digital media strategy; understand the digital trends that are shaping the future; define key
performance indicators (KPI’s); techniques used to measure the ROI of your digital campaigns;
and learn how to develop a digital media plan..
Prerequisites: BUS230

BUS300 Finance II 3 Credits
Emphasis in this course is placed on the decision-making process with regard to liabilities
and capital. Students analyze problems related to short- and intermediate-term financing,
long-term financing, and capital structure and dividend policy faced by management. Students
are trained in the programming and use of the widely-accepted financial calculators for the
solution of practical business applications.
Prerequisite: BUS200

BUS301 Retail Management 3 Credits
This course studies the strategic retail management process, including the retail mix and retail
environment. The primary focuses are targeting customers, information gathering, location
analysis, merchandise and operations management, pricing strategy, promotional strategy,
and integrating and controlling the retail strategy.
Prerequisites: BUS220 and BUS230

BUS302 Health, Safety, and Security 3 Credits
This course is designed to identify key occupational health, safety, workplace security theories
and concepts. The course covers legal and regulatory requirements affecting health related
programs, policies, and employment liabilities.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS303 Recruitment, Selection, and Placement 3 Credits
This course studies the successful person/organization match. The course discusses the
external influences such as economic conditions, labor markets, unions, and laws and
regulations. It also covers the staffing support systems such as staffing strategy and planning,
job analysis, measurement, and major staffing activities.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS304 Strategic Planning and Marketing Communications 3 Credits
This course is a comprehensive and integrated study of strategic planning and marketing
communications. Advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, Internet marketing, personal
selling, and public relations/publicity are -discussed and related to strategic planning. Students
will evaluate the relationship between marketing management and
marketing communications.
Prerequisite: BUS230

BUS305 Investments 3 Credits
This course analyzes the varying degrees of risk and return from different types of
investments. Topics include securities and securities markets, portfolio policies, institutional
investment policies, and management of investment funds. Students are trained in the
programming and use of the widely accepted financial calculators for the solution of practical
business applications.
Prerequisite: BUS200 or BUS215 or MTH010

BUS320 Money and Banking 3 Credits
This course is a study of the American banking system, monetary theories, and monetary
policy. Topics include the relationship of money and the banking system to the functioning of
the monetary policy implementation.
Prerequisite: BUS215

BUS325 Electronic Business 3 Credits
This course is an intense study of the business implications of the automation technologies
and telecommunication systems that have driven the field of electronic commerce to the
modern era of electronic business. This demonstrates the utilization of electronic business
tools based on electronic data interchange, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and other
sources. It not only covers the marketing and selling of products electronically, but explores
the major electronic aspects of business operations.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or BUS220

BUS330 Nonprofit Organizations 3 Credits
This course provides the basic framework for management of nonprofit organizations,
including the managing of volunteers. The focus is on business strategies taken by
nonprofit organizations.
Prerequisite: BUS220

BUS335 Insurance 3 Credits
Most individuals, families, and businesses have a strong desire for financial security and
protection against those events that threaten their financial security. For most people and
companies, insurance is the major technique for handling risk. This course covers vehicles
of risk management through insurance concepts including personal property, commercial
property, and life and health.
Prerequisite: BUS100

BUS345 Operations Management 3 Credits
This course is a study of the management of operations, incorporating decision-making
techniques used in operations management. Topics include the practical applications
to product design and process selection, design of facilities and jobs, and supply chain
management. Methods for developing and analyzing standards, measures, and processes
are also discussed. Other topics incorporate an overview of inventory concepts, Total Quality
Management including an ISO9000 overview, and business operations re-engineering.
Prerequisites: BUS100 or BUS220 and TEC103 or another college-level computer course

BUS355 Project Management 3 Credits
This course is for those who seek a hands-on approach to project management. It is an
application-oriented approach which provides a road map for managing various types of
technical or non-technical projects including manufacturing scheduling, construction, research
and development projects, and special events through the use of computer applications and
short-term hands-on projects.
Prerequisite: BUS100 or BUS220

BUS360 Marketing Research 3 Credits
This course deals with the tools of marketing, sampling, analysis of internal data, locating
data, observation, and experimentation in marketing research. It also examines defining
the problem, developing and executing the research plan, preparing research reports, and
exploring major areas of research application. Students apply marketing research techniques
to a hands-on project.

Prerequisites: BUS230 and MTH200
BUS365 Organizational Behavior 3 Credits
This course is a study of multi-disciplinary approaches to the organization as a complex
system. Emphasis is placed on the importance of managing, leading, and understanding the
ethical implications of managerial decisions, workplace diversity, organizational change, and
organizational culture. In addition, this course focuses on employee attitudes, perceptions,
emotions, and motivational influences, with the intent of gaining a better understanding of
workplace behaviors.
Prerequisites: BUS220

BUS371 International Human Resource Management 3 Credits
This course provides an in-depth study of global human resource management. The student
will develop a global perspective on policies and procedures related to management
strategies, expatriate and global employment, leadership roles and development, the impact
of joint ventures and acquisitions, knowledge sharing, facilitating change and the redesign of
traditional processes including talent acquisition, training and development, and performance
evaluation in a multi-national organization.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS380 Business Policy Formulation 3 Credits
This course is designed from the case problems approach that presents a cross-section of
the decision-making situations faced by management. In addition to the traditional policy and
control, emphasis is given to situations involving leadership, organization, communications,
career counseling, and social responsibility.
Prerequisite: BUS220

BUS401 Organizational Process Improvement 3 Credits
Efficient organizational processes, product and service quality, and customer satisfaction
are consistently moving targets. Therefore, an organization that aspires to be the best must
create a cycle of continuous process improvement within. This course examines organizational
process improvement related to the hard and soft system approaches of decision-making
including assessing expectations of internal and external constituents, identifying the
difference between the current state and the desired state, and empowering organizational
teams to close the identified gaps between the current and desired states.
Prerequisite: BUS365

BUS402 Organizational Change Management 3 Credits
This course covers the current proven techniques for the management of change in
organizations. Effecting change is an absolute necessity for upper management of private
companies, educational institutions, and government entities, small, large, for profit, or
nonprofit. Emphasis is on leading change at all levels of an organization and the culture and
political environments in which change occurs. Course includes an exploration of designing,
planning and implementing change using soft and hard organizational systems. The course
will evaluate leadership at all levels, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, business
process integration, and quantifiable results related to organizational change.
Prerequisite: BUS365

BUS405 Business Marketing 3 Credits
This course examines the marketing of goods and services between businesses, with a
special emphasis on organizational buying. Special focuses are on relationship marketing and
integrated marketing communications for business-to-business marketing.
Prerequisite: BUS230

BUS430 Marketing Management 3 Credits
This course integrates marketing concepts for strategic planning, implementation, and control.
The primary focuses are analyzing marketing opportunities, developing marketing strategies,
managing the total marketing effort, and understanding future marketing trends.
Prerequisite: BUS230

BUS435 Personal Financial Management 3 Credits
This course is an investigation of obtaining the maximum benefits from limited financial
resources on a personal basis. Financial goals form the basis for financial planning. Without
these goals, planning is extremely difficult. Many people prefer to avoid financial problems or
turn them over to someone else such as a financial planner. We will cover various topics of
personal finance to prepare the student for personal financial planning.
Prerequisite: BUS200

BUS440 International Finance 3 Credits
This course is an investigation of the challenges of doing business in an increasingly global
environment. Special emphasis is placed on the cultural, political, financial, and social
diversities of international financial institutions. It examines the financial strategies of global
firms and the challenges of international financial decisions.
Prerequisites: BUS200 or concurrent registration and BUS260 or concurrent registration

BUS450 Labor Relations 3 Credits
This course studies the evolving labor-management relationship and the collective bargaining
process in public and private sector organizations. The course includes the historical, legal,
and structural environments of the labor-management relationship in the U.S. today.
Prerequisites: BUS220 and BUS245

BUS455 Compensation and Benefits 3 Credits
This course is an examination of financial reward systems in organizations and the study
of relevant theoretical and legal perspectives. Topics include job evaluation wage surveys,
incentives, pay equity, benefits, and compensation strategy.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS460 Evaluation and Assessment 3 Credits
This course prepares the student to understand effective performance management in a
quality context. The use of multi-source feedback for employee development and evaluation of
current legal issues in performance appraisals will be discussed.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS465 Training and Development 3 Credits
This course covers the field of training and development from orientation and skills training to
career and organization development.
Prerequisite: BUS245

BUS470 Business Seminar 3 Credits
This course is a capstone that synthesizes all business concepts including marketing, human
resources, quantitative methods, global strategies, accounting, finance, production, service,
and policy issues. Through case studies and participation in a real-world strategy simulation
game, students will be able to apply all previously learned business concepts.
Prerequisites: BUS200 (or concurrently) and BUS230 and BUS260

BUS490 Applied Business Research Methods 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to quantitative methods utilized in organizational research,
including measurement, experimental control, validity, and the fundamentals of research
design. In addition, topics stressed will be the scientific method, data distributions,
probability, and statistical inference. Working in groups, students will be required to complete
a research problem addressing a real-world business dilemma.
Prerequisites: MTH200 and BUS365

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