Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Purpose Central Penn College students, faculty, and staff have the right to reliable systems and support services in the workplace. The technology resources at Central Penn College are provided for the educational, instructional, research, and administrative activities of the College, and the use of these resources is a privilege that is extended to members of […]

Student Conduct Policies

Classroom Disruption Policy Faculty members may dismiss a student from the classroom if he/she performs the following actions: Displays verbal or disruptive behavior that inhibits the professor’s ability to facilitate a class. Creates an atmosphere not conducive to learning. Infringes on harassment policies set forth in this catalog. The professor would contact both the offending […]


Class Size The average class size is approximately 16 students. Class Registration Students are pre-registered for their first term. After this term, scheduling becomes the responsibility of the student. Students should contact their advisor regarding appropriate course selection and are advised to keep and update their program road map. Veterans Priority Registration Central Penn College […]

Student Statuses

Departure Students will be withdrawn from the College for failing to register for more than one term. The student will be able to reapply for admission to the College following the current admissions process. Readmission to the degree program or College is not guaranteed. A withdrawn status might have both financial and academic consequences that […]

Academic Standing

Good Academic Standing When a student’s cumulative grade point average is 2.0 or better, that student is in good academic standing. Academic Warning When a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0, that student is on academic warning. A student will have two terms to achieve good academic standing. Academic Probation Academic probation […]


Students are expected to maintain a satisfactory academic record (2.0 GPA or higher) at Central Penn and must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible to graduate. Grades will be rounded to the hundredth point. Scale Grade Range A 93-100 A- 90-92 3.67 B+ 87-89 B 83-86 3.0 B- 80-82 2.67 C+ […]


Requests for Reinstatements occur after students are administratively withdrawn from a course after failing to attend for 14 consecutive days. The 14 consecutive days may take place as follows: During the first two weeks of term, if a student does not attend a course for the entire first two weeks, they will be administratively unregistered […]


Regular class attendance is essential to the proper academic progress and is expected. At Central Penn College, satisfactory attendance is considered to be a vital part of each student’s performance. Excessive absences for a particular course or program can result in a lowered achievement rating and an undesirable course grade. Absences in excess of 20% […]

College Withdrawal

If a student wishes to withdraw, the student has the responsibility to notify the school of his/her intent to withdraw either through verbal notification, in writing, or via the Departure Form located in the Student Portal. The date of the withdrawal, the reason for the withdrawal, and the date s/he plans to return to the […]

Statement on Academic Integrity

When students are admitted to the College, they join a community of academics who engage in seeking truth through research. Academic dishonesty in all its forms, plagiarism, cheating, academic misrepresentation, acts of falsification, deception, and use of prohibited academic resources, goes against the mission of accuracy and integrity in scholarship. Definition of Academic Dishonesty Any […]

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