Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress. A plus (+) denotes a C+ is required to progress. OTA100 Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy+ 3 Credits This course provides an introduction to the occupational therapy profession and the guiding principles, history, theories, philosophy, and general safety considerations of occupational therapy. Fundamental […]


Mathematics An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. MTH010 Basic Algebra 3 Credits This is a remedial course in algebra using basic algebraic operations and problem solving. It is offered to students who did not place into a 100 level math class by taking the placement test. It does not earn any […]


Language An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress. LNG100 Conversational Spanish 3 Credits This course teaches students how to understand others and to make themselves understood using the Spanish language. Practical exercises and activities specifically geared toward “real life” scenarios are used.

Legal Studies/Paralegal

Legal Studies/Paralegal An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress. LGS110 Foundations in Law 3 Credits This course introduces the student to the legal profession, including basic legal terminology, legal ethics, the court systems, legal authorities, legal writing, and professional associations. Terms Offered: WI, SU LGS130 Principles of Legal Research 3 Credits This […]


Leadership LDS400 Leadership Project* 3 Credits The Leadership Project is an individual project developed and implemented by the student to show his or her understanding of leadership and ability to lead others. While the specific nature of the project is open and should meet the student’s interests and goals, it must demonstrate the student’s ability […]


Immersion An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress. The Immersion Program The Immersion Program takes place each year and is coordinated by the Office of Diversity and Global Education. Students travel abroad for one term, earning credit and expanding their capacity for intercultural understanding. The Central Penn College Immersion program seeks to […]


Internships INT299 Associate Degree Internship 3 Credits The internship experience at Central Penn includes an on-the-job educational experience. This hands-on opportunity allows students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to the working environment. Prerequisite: Successful completion of 45 credits for the associate degree. INT498 Washington Institute Internship 11 Credits The Washington […]

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. IDS101 CPC Foundations 3 Credits This course provides an introduction to the college and serves as an extended orientation to college life. Topics will include college systems, managing time, and assessing goals. Students will also identify and analyze common obstacles to student success […]


Humanities HUM105 Cultural Anthropology 3 Credits The course introduces students to the concept of culture across human civilizations, past and present. Topics covered in the course include definitions of marriage and family, gender stereotypes and roles, exploring identity through the lens of gender, race, and ethnicity, dissecting religious and spiritual beliefs, identifying processes of industrialization, […]

Homeland Security Management

Homeland Security Management HSM110 Principles of Private Security 3 Credits This course is an introduction to the principles of private security, including the history and role of private security, threat assessment and security survey, and principles of physical security, including personnel security and functional area security systems. Terms Offered: WI, SU HSM115 Homeland Security Management […]

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