Honors An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. HON400 Honors Studies 3 Credits The Honors Studies class is an independent study program, which encourages students to explore aspects of their major beyond the required courses by working on a project approved by the advising instructor. Working with an advising instructor in their […]


History HIS101 The United States and the World to 1850 3 Credits The course provides an enlarged frame for U.S. history by considering world historical events and outcomes, linking and global histories within the geographical boundaries of the modern U.S., including early narratives of settlement and trade in Alaska, Hawai’i, California, and the Southwest. Based […]


Geography GEO100 Cultural Geography 3 Credits This fundamental course in world cultures informs students about the non-Western world, cultural differences, geographic issues, population trends, and major contributions to an interdependent global society. GEO105 Global Geography 3 Credits This is a basic course providing students with a broad familiarization of those areas of study defined by […]


English An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. ENG101 College Composition I 3 Credits This course introduces students to academic writing with a specific emphasis on writing about argument and rhetoric. Students will engage in diagramming the writing situation, labeling elements of the rhetorical triangle, identifying ethos, pathos, and logos in model […]

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice CRI100 Criminal Justice 3 Credits This course is an introduction to the criminal justice system and its role in society. The course introduces criminal justice concepts and terms, and relates criminal justice concepts to current events and trends, with a particular focus on career paths and areas of specialization within law enforcement, the […]


Communications An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. COM100 Survey of Mass Communications 3 Credits This course introduces students to mass communications as a field of study, focusing particularly on historical, social, and political intersections of media and culture. Various forms of media and their intersections with journalism, advertising, public relations, ethics, […]


Chemistry An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. CHM200 Introduction to Chemistry 3 Credits This general chemistry course is designed to serve as a foundation for the student about to enter the study of allied health sciences. Topics covered include chemistry and measurement, energy and matter, atoms and elements, nuclear chemistry, compounds […]


Business BUS100 Introduction to Business 3 Credits This is a fundamental survey course in Business Administration offering a basic understanding of the nature and scope of business in the modern world. Consideration of business practices, such as management, organization, production, human resources, information technology, marketing, and ethics, is an integral part of the course. Students […]


Biology An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. BIO100 Human Biology 3 Credits This course provides an introduction to the study of living organisms. Emphasis is placed on the structure and function of the cell as the basis of life. Each body system is studied. Additional topics will include human evolution, genetics, […]


Accounting An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. A plus (+) denotes a C+ is required to progress. ACC100 Accounting I 3 Credits This course is an introduction to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as they pertain to external financial reports. The accounting cycle, accounting systems, theories, and policies relative to asset […]

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