Refund and Distribution Policy

Refund and Distribution Policy Pursuant to federal and state regulations, Central Penn College has developed, and applies on a consistent basis, the following policy: when a student completely withdraws from the College or drops a course, tuition will be calculated in accordance with the following guidelines, and any refund is made within 30 days. The […]


Fees Course Material Fee Designated courses include a course material fee which covers the cost of materials used in the class; no separate textbook purchase will be required. These fees are refundable only if a student drops the course(s) (using official school communication) by the end of Week 2. Contact the Textbook Coordinator for opt […]

Tuition and Expenses (Undergraduate)

Tuition and Expenses (Undergraduate) Note: These 2020-2021 rates are subject to change July 2021, but may change without notice. Tuition and Fees (per term): Tuition (per credit) all majors – undergraduate . . . . . . . . . . $494 Student/Technology Fee (5 or more credits) . . . . . . . […]

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Central Penn College recognizes the need for financial aid to help students meet the cost of higher education. Therefore, the College processes grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study through federal, state, private and institutional sources to help eligible students meet some of those costs. Funds are awarded to defray direct educational costs such as […]

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