Refund and Distribution Policy

Pursuant to federal and state regulations, Central Penn College has developed, and applies on a consistent basis, the following policy: when a student completely withdraws from the College or drops a course, tuition will be calculated in accordance with the following guidelines, and any refund is made within 30 days. The last day of class […]


Housing Security Deposit A housing security deposit of $250* is required, $200 of which is refunded when students abide by the lease. *If students request cancellation within five calendar days of payment, this fee is fully refundable. A request for cancellation, which is not made in writing, shall be confirmed in writing by the student […]

Tuition and Expenses

Note: These 2019-2020 rates are subject to change July 2020, but may change without notice. Fixed Expenses Per QuarterTerm Tuition (per credit) all majors – undergraduate . . . . . . . . Student/Technology Fee (5 or more credits). . . . . . . . . . Student/Technology Fee (4 or less credits*). […]

Financial Aid

Central Penn College recognizes the need for financial aid to help students meet the cost of higher education. Therefore, the College processes grants, scholarships, loans, and Work-Study through federal, state, private, and institutional sources to help eligible students meet some of those costs. Funds are awarded to defray direct educational costs, such as tuition, fees, […]

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