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Associate in Science Degree

Communications is a growing field with a variety of career opportunities for graduates.
The Associate of Science in Communications Degree program combines technical
courses required for job preparation and college-level general education courses. The
degree program provides students with knowledge of public relations, graphic design,
photography and public speaking. The curriculum includes coursework in AP style,
the accepted writing style of journalists and public relations practitioners, as well as
providing students the opportunity to get realworld experience through internship and
hands-on projects to help develop their resume while in school. This degree prepares
students either for immediate employment in the public relations and marketing fields or
for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in Corporate Communication.

Program Learning Outcomes
• Evaluate the fields of Communications including corporate and nonprofit
communications, public relations, print/digital media, and political communications.
• Explain the core areas of Communication, including the rules, standards and
practices of traditional and digital communications.
• Apply the characteristics of successful organizational communication strategies
and create, implement, and evaluate such strategies.
• Appraise the impact Communications technology has on the distribution and
consumption of media within societies and cultures globally.
• Communicate effectively—in speech, writing, and visual arts—in a variety of
interpersonal and mass media settings.

Program Requirements
In addition to the 36 credits of general education and elective requirements, students are
required to take a core group of courses associated with their major to total 76 credits.
Communications Core Courses – 40 credits
BUS 250 Advertising
COM100 Survey of Mass Communications
COM112 Digital Photography
COM115 Digital Image Editing
COM130 Public Relations
COM140 Media Writing
COM220 Journalism I
COM225 Writing for Public Relations
COM230 Desktop Publishing I
COM245 Opinion Writing
COM320 Feature Writing
COM340 Communications Law
INT299 Associate Degree Internship
STS300 Job Pursuit Seminar

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