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Counseling Services

Counseling Services of Central Penn College is dedicated to the promotion of holistic
student wellness through the use of a safe and confidential environment that aids to
encourage student exploration of both academic and personal concerns. The college
offers Counseling Services to all students presently enrolled for free as part of their
tuition. Counseling Services will assist online students living outside Pennsylvania
to procure services in their community as licensure restrictions preclude them from
counseling through Central Penn College while living in another state.

Each student is eligible to receive up to 11 full-length sessions (45 – 60 minutes) per
term, which translates to one session per week of every 11-week term. Sessions may
be scheduled for in person at the Summerdale and Lancaster campuses, or over the
phone. Counseling Services has the discretionary power to provide addition sessions per
term or during the breaks between terms, although the student must be enrolled in the
following term to receive services during a break. Students will be referred to outside
counseling resources if Counseling Services is unable to provide the appropriate level
of care. Counseling Services does not provide medication management, and students
interested in pursuing medication will be connected with outside providers for that
service. Students will be notified if they are being scheduled with a graduate intern;
students have the right to refuse services from a graduate intern in favor of working with
a staff clinician. Please contact Counseling Services at 717-728-2416 or CPCcouselor@ to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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