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Course Descriptions

Students must complete 33 credits, which equals 11 courses. Courses subject to change
based on curriculum review process.

ORG500 Perspectives of Ethics and Leadership 3 credits
This course is designed to prepare students to meet the ethical leadership challenges and
opportunities they will encounter as emerging leaders in various professional fields. Ethics
is a foundational component of leadership. The course provides cases in which students will
analyze and apply ethical philosophies and theories to the decisions and behaviors of leaders.
Students will also assess and reflect on their own ethical, leadership, and followership styles.
The course further examines codes of ethics for the student’s respective fields.

ORG505 Dimensions of Leadership 3 credits
This course is designed to study the major theories of leadership in order for students to
improve their ability to apply the basic knowledge of leadership. The course discusses the
evolution of leadership, both heuristically and hermeneutically. In addition, students examine
the process of leadership and how the components of that process are driven by the theories.
This course allows students to identify and evaluate contemporary leadership issues in
today’s complex society through topics such as culture and gender.

ORG510 Strategic Leadership 3 credits
The purpose of this course is to guide students with the perspective of strategic leadership
within organizations. Strategic leadership is the center of the big picture planning process,
spanning across the entire business enterprise. Comprehensive planning and sound execution
by management leads to positive business performance, while achieving organizational
objectives. Students will be introduced to the concept of crafting long-term plans,
implementing competitive operations, and executing and leading organizational strategies.

ORG515 Leadership Communications 3 credits
This course introduces key elements of professional and technical communications. Course
topics include information literacy, user-centered writing and design, communicating with
diverse audiences, ethical communications, informational design and technical writing
styles. Through these topics, the course will approach the practice of leadership from a
communication perspective.

ORG520 Applied Research for Professionals 3 credits
This course is the study and application of the different methodologies of research appropriate
for professional studies. Students will utilize case studies to explore the purposes and
applications of applied research. Students will explore paradigms and methods for designing
and conducting effective research, in addition to interpreting and analyzing the data to
implement realistic and sustainable solutions

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