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At the completion of a degree from Central Penn College, graduates will have obtained
a certain skill set. The skill set is a combination of educational experiences from the student’s program of study; the general education core which includes humanities; math, science, and technology; social and behavioral sciences; and campus life. It is the responsibility of the student, with guidance from his/her faculty advisor, to fulfill all degree and program requirements. Students should keep an accurate record of courses taken. Transfer students should follow the educational plan outlined in their transfer evaluation using the degree matrix or academic road map found under the student resources on Blackboard. The following section outlines degree requirements for all undergraduate programs of study at Central Penn College.

  1. All students must obtain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and fulfill all degree requirements to be eligible for graduation. Requirements vary by program.
  2. The general education requirements comprise one-third of the curriculum in each program.
    1. Humanities – Humanities courses serve to grow knowledge of human culture and experiences that shape people’s understanding of society and the world.
    2. Math, Science, andTechnology – Math, science, and technology courses focus on generating results through problem solving and utilizing sources for data and analysis.
    3. Social and Behavioral Sciences – Social and behavioral science courses explore identity, society, and relationships.
  3. Degree Levels: Associate degree programs require a minimum of 61 credits. Bachelor degree programs require a minimum of 124 credits. Master degree programs require 33 credits beyond the baccalaureate.
  4. Program Requirements: Most programs of study consist of field-specific courses, in addition to several elective courses. Students are strongly encouraged to declare a program of study upon acceptance. Students must declare a major prior to receiving financial aid.
  5. Concentrations: Students have the option of choosing a concentration within several programs of study. Concentrations consist of specially focused courses within certain bachelor of science degree programs.
  6. Internship/Capstone Experience: All students must fulfill the internship or capstone requirement for their program. Requirements vary by program.

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