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Central Penn College is committed to providing equity of opportunity to students with
disabilities through a supportive academic and social environment. Faculty and students
work together in partnership to determine the needs of our students and attempt to see
that those needs are met.

Qualified students with disabilities who meet the technical and academic standards
of Central Penn College may be entitled to reasonable accommodations. Under the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of
1990 as amended by the ADAA of 2008, a disability is defined as any physical or mental
impairment which substantially limits a major life activity. As such, disabilities can be
physical, psychological, the result of a traumatic brain injury, or a learning disability.
Central Penn College makes every effort to ensure that reasonable accommodations
are made for students with an identified disability. Reasonable accommodations are
modifications made with the intent of eliminating or decreasing barriers which students
might encounter due to their disability. Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter
an academic course or program. Certain programs may have physical requirements for
successful completion. Auxiliary aids and services are provided unless such provisions
place an undue hardship (defined as significantly difficult or expensive) upon an

Students who self-identify as a person with a disability requiring auxiliary aides or
accommodations should be directed to the College’s ADA Coordinator to ensure these
students obtain the appropriate information and, if desired by the student, initiate the
formal process for receipt of auxiliary aids and academic adjustments.
Students with obvious and severe physical disabilities will be served prior to receipt of
proper documentation. Central Penn College is committed to creating an accessible
environment. Facilities are either located on ground level or have appropriate
elevator service with outdoor ramps and designated parking to facilitate easy
entry. Restrooms are equipped with wide doorways and bars to ensure wheelchair

Students are encouraged to notify Disability Support Services as soon as possible
to ensure the timely implementation of needed accommodations. Auxiliary aids and
academic adjustments are provided at no cost to the students with disabilities. Students
going through the enrollment process may request a meeting with the ADA Coordinator
through their Admissions Counselor.

The college’s ADA Coordinator is:
Megan E. Peterson, MS
Bollinger 57

Students have the right to file a grievance with Central Penn College in the event that
students believe the College has not followed its policies. The grievance procedures
are detailed in the Grievance section of this catalog and the Disability Support
Services Manual.

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