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Financial Analysis Concentration Course Descriptions

12 credits
Students choosing the Financial Analysis Concentration take the following courses:

FNA600 Organizational Financial Management 3 credits
This opening course in the concentration will expose students to a broad application of
financial theory and practice. The content will survey the principles of organizational finance
related to financial analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and long-term financial structure
of the contemporary firm. Students will employ modern financial thought in a variety of
organizational venues.

FNA605 Advanced Budgeting Systems 3 credits
This applied budgeting course will enhance student expertise in advanced budgeting and
allocation techniques. Students will evaluate organizational cost drivers, optimal targets,
performance-based systems, sensitivity measurements, flexed approaches and financial
statement analysis. It will also provide differentiating methodologies for organizational agility
in rapidly changing economic climates.
Prerequisite: FNA600

FNA610 Contemporary Risk Management 3 credits
This risk management course will survey wide-ranging issues in risk management, risk
measurement, hedging techniques, indemnification, fraud identification and prevention, and
a diverse host of modern problems in the field. Students will focus primarily on tools that
manage the comprehensive risk dynamic in a modern organizational setting.
Prerequisite: FNA600

FNA615 Topics in Financial Models 3 credits
This financial modeling course introduces a range of topics in the emerging financial field.
Topics include terminology, financial instruments, investment positions, the mechanics of
derivatives and options, arbitrage, volatility engineering and cash flow design. Students will
employ MS Excel to manage diverse quantitative financial needs within the organization.
Prerequisite: FNA605

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