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General Admissions

Undergraduate General Requirements
To be considered for admission into a degree program, students must be a high school
graduate, have received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), Pennsylvania Home
School Diploma or other recognized equivalency diploma. We welcome applications from
students seeking to prepare for a career or a promotion. Students seeking work-related
skills, who are not completing classes with the goal of obtaining a degree from the
institution, will be classified as non-degree, non-program students (NDNP). High School
Students applying with an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher may be considered for regular
admission. Students applying with a GPA below a 2.0 in high school or from another
college or university, if accepted, will be admitted conditionally. Please submit an
application for admission and a copy of high school and/ or college transcript(s). Some
applicants may be required to attend a personal interview with the admissions office.
Call the admissions office at 800-759-2727 to learn more.

Proof of Eligibility
All applicants to Central Penn College are required to provide proof of eligibility through
the provision of an official high school diploma, transcripts, a GED, a home schooling
certificate, a PA home school diploma, or an attestation.

Admission Requirements for Online Degree Programs
In order to be successful in an online environment, students must have consistent and
reliable access to a computer and reliable internet connection. Students are permitted to
enroll in completely online degree programs at anytime. High School students may enroll
in fully online programs, provided they are in good academic standing. Students should
discuss how being a fully online student will impact their financial aid with the Financial
Aid Office. Online students may only live in campus housing with the approval of the
Residence Life Director or designee.

Application Deadline
Students are encouraged to apply early, particularly if they wish to live on campus and
plan on using financial aid. Campus housing facilities are limited, so timing is important.

Application Procedures
• The application is available on the College’s website at
• Students must request their high school guidance office to mail an official transcript
directly to the Admissions office. A Graduate Equivalent Diploma (GED) or
Pennsylvania Home School Diploma is also acceptable.
• Admission consideration for students may be based upon a written essay, high
school or college grade performance, and a personal interview on campus.
• Application and transcript(s) will be reviewed as soon as they are received. Students
will be notified of their acceptance or next step in the admissions process within
one week of the College receiving all materials

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