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HUM105 Cultural Anthropology 3 Credits
The course introduces students to the concept of culture across human civilizations,
past and present. Topics covered in the course include definitions of marriage and family,
gender stereotypes and roles, exploring identity through the lens of gender, race, and
ethnicity, dissecting religious and spiritual beliefs, identifying processes of industrialization,
globalization, and sustainability. Students will be challenged to reflect on their own beliefs,
engage in basic ethnography and comparison, and consider their role in a multicultural world.

HUM205 History of Jazz 3 Credits
This course exposes the student to the expressions of the music genre of jazz. This course
traces jazz from its roots to its rise in popularity and influence on society during particular
eras. Not only is the history of jazz studied, but also the birth of other types of music due to
its creation. This course uses the definitive jazz history series developed by Ken Burns.

HUM210 History of American Popular Music 3 Credits
This course examines the history and progression of American popular music from the turn of
the 20th century to present day. By interpreting musical recordings and videos as “text,” we
will understand how American popular music reflects American society and the economic,
political, social, and cultural shifts which have occurred in the last century. Additionally, we will
comprehend how popular music has helped shape a mass culture in which Americans have
participated, regardless of socioeconomic, gender, race, or regional differences.

HUM305 Comparative Religion 3 Credits
Students take an in-depth look at the central beliefs of such major world religions as
Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The varieties of religious experience
from both Eastern and Western cultural traditions are explored to determine their similarities
and differences.
Prerequisite: SOC100 or SOC205

HUM310 World Mythology 3 Credits
Students engage in a cross-cultural literary exploration of the great myths of the world
including creation, fertility, and hero myths. The myths will be studied as unique expressions
of individual cultures and also as universal ideas. Students will gain an understanding of the
importance of myth in contemporary society and the relationship between myth, religion,
and culture.
Prerequisite: ENG102

HUM320 Computers and Society 3 Credits
Students will enhance their understanding of their social/professional environment as it is
becoming rapidly altered by the utilization of computers. This course is designed to create
and invoke ethical, sociological, and philosophical debates on the issue of the effects of
computers in social settings. This is an open-ended discourse due to the novelty of the issue.

HUM325 Feminism: Impact and Evolution 3 Credits
This course is designed to expose students to the Feminist Movements in American history.
Topics to be covered include feminist theory, the socioeconomic impact of women in
American culture, and the politics of global feminism.
Prerequisite: ENG102

HUM335 The Evolution of Social Media 3 Credits
This course analyzes the impact of social media on contemporary cultural, political, economic,
and/or social issues. By synthesizing the power and nature of the medium, students will
understand the history and evolution of social media and evaluate their place in the
social sphere.
Prerequisites: ENG102 and HUM105 or SOC100 or PSY100 or COM130

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