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An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress.

The Immersion Program
The Immersion Program takes place each year and is coordinated by the Office of Diversity
and Global Education. Students travel abroad for one term, earning credit and expanding their
capacity for intercultural understanding. The Central Penn College Immersion program seeks
to foster learning experiences that develop a universal perspective in the areas of intercultural
competency, citizenship, and societal interdependency. The immersion program will enhance
the student learning experience by integrating intellectual and personal development
outcomes. The program focuses on students’ personal and social development by asking
students to examine their place in the world and explore ways to positively impact our
global community. While registered for IDS315 Global Cultural Study, students travel abroad,
participate in cultural activities, and attend lectures. Immersion locations vary from year to
year and have pre- and post-trip requirements associated with them. The Immersion Program
is open to all majors and involves an application process and an interview. The program is
selective, as each trip has a limited number of seats available. Questions about the Immersion
Program should be directed to the Office of Diversity and Global Education.

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