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Academic/Career Competencies
Students will learn and apply concepts and methodologies of their discipline; gain
expertise and specialization required for their chosen field; and demonstrate competence
in their fields of study, as determined by the program’s objectives.

Students will be able to analyze, and to articulate ideas appropriately and effectively;
identify the purpose and context for communication; adapt to various audiences; and
express ideas by using proper modes and media.

Critical Thinking
Students will be able to correctly identify problems by hearing, seeing or reading and to
evaluate those problems; synthesize well-reasoned and defensible conclusions through
research and analysis; and translate derived facts and arguments into appropriate actions
to solve problems or construct plans to solve problems.

Global Awareness
Students will actively and competently engage in a variety of cultural contexts; evaluate
personal and social assumptions about other cultures and peoples after learning about
customs and cultures; and interact with others with respect and tolerance.

Information Literacy
Students will be competent in gathering, evaluating, processing, and using qualitative
and quantitative information for academic, personal, and career purposes.

Personal Leadership
Students will demonstrate and exhibit honesty, self-motivation, integrity, respect and
service to others while serving as a role model and demonstrate an understanding of
the value of communication as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Technology Fluency
Students will demonstrate a broad understanding of information technology by being
able to select and to apply technology productively to academic studies, work, and
everyday life

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