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Internship and Capstone Experience

The College requires undergraduate students to complete a culminating learning
experience in the form of an Internship or Capstone.

Internships range in hours from 180-640 hours. Students not enrolled in the Medical
Assisting (MA), Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA), and Physical Therapist Assistant
(PTA) Associate of Applied Science programs are eligible for Internship upon completion
of 75% of their coursework. Students enrolled in the MA, OTA and PTA Associate of
Applied Science programs must complete 100% of their coursework prior to their
internship. Unless otherwise dictated by the program (see specific program pages for
requirements), associate students will register for INT299 Associate Degree Internship
and bachelor students will register for INT499 Bachelor Degree Internship. For
internships that are three credits, students utilizing financial aid for the course must take
at least an additional three credit course for a minimum of six credits for the term.
An incomplete grade for internships will follow the incomplete grade policy.

Early Internship Request
A student may submit an early internship request to the chair before completing 75% of
coursework. Approval for early internships is at the discretion of the chair.

Students may also complete a Capstone in place of an internship that requires an
extensive research project related to the student’s chosen career path. Unless
otherwise dictated by the program (see specific program pages for requirements).

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