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Lifelong Learning

Central Penn College offers credit for approved work/life experience through the Lifelong
Learning (LLL) program for incoming and currently enrolled students.

Lifelong Learning offers those students having five or more years of relevant work/
life experience an alternate opportunity to gain credit. Work/life credit applies only to
undergraduate courses that include applied or hands-on learning. Only courses listed in
the most current catalog may be petitioned or challenged for credit. Course descriptions
may be accessed at Portfolios must be submitted and approved
within the first two terms of enrollment of the College. Lifelong Learning credits that are
approved must be paid in full within the term that they are petitioned.
Portfolio presentation of work/life experience is not to be used if comparable College

Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations are available. Work/life credit is not
applicable to the natural sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, the humanities
or internships. CLEP testing is more appropriate for the foregoing classification of
academic courses. The process may involve competency testing, in addition to proof
of work experience. For more inform

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