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Associate in Science Degree
Creative and effective methods of marketing are invaluable for companies in today’s
competitive environment. Marketing decisions are some of the most important decisions
made in the business world. The Marketing program is designed to teach students how
to effectively manage the process of product development, pricing, promotion,
and distribution. Students also learn aspects of consumer and business marketing
while at Central Penn. All students develop an effective integrated marketing
communications project.

Program Learning Outcomes
• Understand fundamental marketing concepts, theories and principles in areas
of marketing policy; of market and consumer behavior; of product, placement,
promotion and pricing decisions.
• Exhibit multi-channel media fluency, applying communication skills to successfully
engage multiple stakeholders.
• Design and develop marketing systems for variable business environments by
employing appropriate marketing strategies.
• Make marketing and sales decisions based on analysis of market data, informed by
ethical considerations.
• Identify and engage potential marketing careers

Program Requirements
Students will complete 36 credits of general education and elective requirements, which
must include MTH200 Statistics to total 76 credits.
Marketing Core Courses – 40 credits
ACC100 Accounting I
BUS100 Introduction to Business
BUS105 Fundamentals of Selling
BUS215 Microeconomics
BUS220 Principles of Management
BUS230 Principles of Marketing
BUS235 Consumer Behavior
BUS245 Human Resources
BUS250 Advertising
BUS304 Strategic Planning and Marketing Communications
BUS330 Nonprofit Organizations
BUS360 Marketing Research
INT299 Associate Degree Internship
STS300 Job Pursuit Seminar

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