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Master of Professional Studies Degree Program in Organizational Leadership

Master of Professional Studies
The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Organizational Leadership program
helps students to advance in their careers by utilizing a collaborative, applied-concepts
approach to leadership studies, which is offered in-person and/or fully online. Each
course emphasizes ethics, application, and professional relevance by addressing various
leadership components commonly found in businesses and organizations. The program
offers two concentrations: a) Organizational Development and b) Financial Analysis.
Courses are offered in a blended format or fully online. Program learning outcomes are
facilitated by an accelerated 33 credit-program of study and are assessed using a final
examination and a capstone research project.

Mission Statement
The MPS program provides students with the knowledge and understanding necessary
to become effective and ethical leaders in a complex and dynamic work environment.
Through interdisciplinary methods, students develop an understanding of the
organization and apply practical approaches to problem solving based upon leadership
paradigms, through coursework, experiential learning, and personal development.

Program Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theories by linking educational and
professional experiences to accomplish organizational goals.
• Examine the components of ethical leadership and its influence on values and
decision making.
• Critically analyze the interrelationships, both historical and current, between the
leadership and the organization to strategically address the needs of the global
organizational community.
• Analyze the different methodologies of research, including the preliminary
considerations in selecting a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research
• Apply effective communication by utilizing appropriate resources and technology
in order to plan and deliver prepared presentations confidently and persuasively to
diverse audiences.
• Design, execute, and present a field-specific research project that synthesizes
elements of organizational leadership and applies selected knowledge, skills and

Program Requirements
In order to graduate with a MPS in Organizational Leadership, students are required
to complete 33 credits distributed as follows: five core courses (15 credits), 4 courses
in their chosen concentration (12 credits), one supplemental course (3 credits) and an
Applied Research Capstone in Professional Studies (3 credits).

Students are expected to finalize their capstone project during the term following their
last program coursework and will be given one term to complete this project. If for any
reason, students are not able to finalize their capstone within this time frame, there is
a one-term grace period to fulfill this obligation. To obtain this extension, students must
submit a written request to their mentor explaining the reasons to include any and all
support documents.

If students have not completed their capstone research project after two terms (six
months), the student’s mentors will be automatically released from their responsibility. If
students re-enroll for ORG699 Applied Research Project in Professional Studies following
policy and procedures, a new mentor will be identified to support the student. Students
who have not finalized and passed their capstone project after two terms will receive a
grade of “F”. In order to fulfill the requirements of the program, students will need to
submit a request to reenroll in ORG699 Applied Research Project in Professional Studies
to the Director of Graduate Studies explaining the causes of the previous failure and the
student’s commitment to finish the requirements of the degree Approval of this request
is not guaranteed

From the time students have completed their 30 credits until the finalization of the
Capstone, student will receive an “I” (incomplete) until their written capstone project
and defense have been approved and graded or their two term limit has ended.
Progression through the Organizational Leadership program
Graduation requires a minimum of 3.0 GPA and the completion of all courses, including
the final approval of the capstone project, which is mandatory to achieve the MPS in
Organizational Leadership. Students must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all
graduate courses taken at Central Penn College. If a student’s graduate GPA falls below
a 3.0, they will be given an Academic Probation status and will have the following term
to increase their GPA to a 3.0 or higher.

Failing a Course
If a student fails a course other than ORG699 Applied Research Project in Professional
Studies, he/she will not be permitted to retake the course and will be dismissed from
the MPS in Organizational Leadership program. However, if mitigating circumstances
may have occurred, a student may get a one-time exception to this rule by submitting
an essay to the Director of Graduate Studies that requests this concession, explains the
reasons for the course failure, and outlines the steps the student will take to ensure
success if granted approval to retake the failed course. Financial aid may not be available
to students who repeat a course.

Students seeking re-acceptance into the Organizational Leadership MPS program
must re-apply and work with an admissions counselor. Students seeking re-acceptance
may be asked to submit a writing sample from a provided list of topics related to
leadership. Earned graduate credits will be recognized up to seven years after those
credits were granted. After seven years, a competency panel can be created to consider
if these credits earned are still relevant. In any case, the maximum time frame for
accepting credits earned towards the MPS in Organizational Leadership will be 10 years.
The MPS in Organizational Leadership program follows a specific course rotation based
on a cohort model. Although students may elect to interrupt continuous enrollment
by following the College’s Schedule Gap policy, the College does not guarantee the
availability of particular courses outside of the specific course rotation. As a result,
students in the MPS in Organizational Leadership program who take time off during
the program may need to wait until the courses are offered again. This may result in the
need for students to complete an application for reentry

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