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Occupational Therapy Assistant

An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress.
A plus (+) denotes a C+ is required to progress.

OTA100 Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy+ 3 Credits
This course provides an introduction to the occupational therapy profession and the guiding
principles, history, theories, philosophy, and general safety considerations of occupational
therapy. Fundamental concepts will be introduced including occupation, values, goals, ethics,
frames of reference and models of practice. With a new understanding of occupational
therapy, the different service delivery models and practice settings will be examined. Through
lecture, discussion, group work and assignments, students will explore the Occupational
Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process and the Standards of Practice to learn
fundamental concepts including the collaborative occupational therapy process (assessment
to discontinuation of services), role delineations of occupational therapy practitioners, and
therapeutic use of self.
Terms Offered: SP, FL

OTA108 Therapeutic Techniques I+ 4 Credits
This course is the first of two courses that will provide foundational skills for the applied
occupational therapy treatment courses. Therapeutic Techniques I will provide an in-depth
analysis of human occupation in all aspects of daily living from birth through death, guided by
the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process, 3rd Ed. Through lecture,
lab activities, discussion and assignments students will learn the essential skills for activity
analysis, observation and activity modification. The teaching and learning process will also be
addressed in detail with an opportunity to demonstrate competency by the end of the term.
Within the course, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to access and appraise
all levels of professional literature as well as goal writing and modification techniques.
Prerequisites: ALH120 and OTA100
Terms Offered: WI, SU

OTA110 Therapeutic Techniques II+ 4 Credits
This course is the second of two courses that will provide foundational skills for the
applied treatment courses. The course focus will be on the knowledge and application of
biomechanics, movement-related function, kinesiology and assessment. It will also include
instruction on the continuum of treatment from preparatory methods through occupationbased treatment. Assessment (including measurement) of movement, thermal modalities and
strength will be addressed. Initial instruction in documentation will be expanded to include
documenting the treatment session as well as taking and recording data. Students will also
examine billing and reimbursement structures as well as further their analysis of professional
literature and applied evidence-based practice strategies.
Prerequisites: OTA108 and ALH130
Terms Offered: SP, FL

OTA200 Developmental Occupational Therapy+ 4 Credits
This is a comprehensive course that provides the Occupational Therapy Assistant with an
understanding of the basic and advanced principles of pediatric habilitation and rehabilitation.
It explores common conditions that impede normal development and threaten occupational
performance. The course emphasizes developmental knowledge and skills for current
occupational therapy screenings, assessments and intervention used with pediatric
populations in a variety of service delivery systems. It includes 20 hours of required Level
I Fieldwork experience outside of scheduled class time, which provides opportunities for
students to observe and begin to apply the concepts learned in the classroom in actual
pediatric and developmental therapy settings. The laboratory component of the Pediatric
Occupational Therapy course provides structured opportunity for students to develop hands
on skills for implementing developmental Occupational Therapy services in a variety of
settings. Students practice skills aimed to enhance development, remedial function and
promote adaptation.
Prerequisites: BIO105 and OTA108
Terms Offered: SP, FL

OTA205 Occupational Therapy in Mental Health+ 4 Credits
This course explores the impact of mental illness on occupation. Theories and models of
practice used in occupational therapy evaluation and intervention for adolescents and adults
will be discussed. Observation skills, problem solving, critical thinking, treatment techniques
will be learned and applied to different treatment settings. Case studies, laboratory activities,
and competency examinations will be utilized to gain awareness and insight for practitioners
working in mental health. Group dynamics and group interactions skills will be explored.
This course includes 20 hours of Level I Fieldwork experience outside of the scheduled class
time, which provides opportunities for students to observe and apply concepts learned in
the classroom in actual mental health practice settings. The laboratory component provides
structured opportunities for students to develop hands-on skills for implementing occupational
therapy services with individuals who have psychosocial dysfunction. Students practice skills
for conduction various therapeutic groups and use a variety of therapeutic media.
Prerequisites: OTA110, OTA200 and PSY420
Terms Offered: WI, SU

OTA210 Occupational Therapy in Physical Rehabilitation+ 4 Credits
This course explores the impact of physical disability and illness on human occupation. It
analyzes the occupational therapy process with individuals who have physical dysfunction
including assessment procedures and current occupational therapy interventions. A variety
of physical conditions commonly encountered in physical rehabilitation practice settings are
addressed including central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular system disorders,
neuromuscular disorders, and orthopedic conditions. The course includes an additional
20 hours of required Level I Fieldwork Experience outside of scheduled class time which
provides opportunities for students to observe and apply the concepts learned in the
classroom in actual physical rehabilitation practice settings.
Prerequisites: OTA200 and OTA205
Terms Offered: SP, FL

OTA215 Developing Professional Behaviors in Occupational Therapy+ 2 Credits
The course provides a basis for developing essential professional skills needed to practice
as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in a variety of service delivery systems. Emphasis will
be placed on ethics, practice standards, and related legislation. Healthcare reimbursement
systems, quality improvement, and it’s impact on Occupational Therapy services delivery
will be studied. Regulatory board requirements for certification, licensure, and on-going
professional development are addressed. Students will understand the importance of
promotion of health literacy and occupational therapy services for all populations.
Prerequisite: OTA200 and OTA110
Terms Offered: WI, SU

OTA220 Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics+ 3 Credits
This course explores the health and well being of the older adult while examining common
conditions that occur later in life. This course will focus on the integration of knowledge
gained in previous courses regarding anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, activity analysis,
and occupation, applying it directly to the older adult. Students will learn how to interpret the
plan of care from an occupational therapist and apply it by devising appropriate treatment
interventions for this population. Students will utilize the Occupational Therapy Practice
Framework: Domain and Process to guide evaluation, intervention and outcomes assessment
with emphasis being placed on the rehabilitation/habilitation of the older adult using evidencebased practice. Health literacy and advocacy within the geriatric population will be examined
and students will apply ethical decision making in all professional interactions.
Prerequisite: OTA205
Terms Offered: SP, FL

OTA230 Pathology and Function+ 3 credits
This course is the study of the pathology of diagnoses, diseases, and conditions commonly
encountered by occupational therapy practitioners. Fundamental characteristics of the
diagnoses including diagnostic techniques and medical interventions will be explored as well
as the impact of the conditions on occupational performance. Through lecture, discussion,
group work and assignments, students will apply the learned concepts in this course to
common occupational therapy models of practice and the occupational therapy practice
framework III (OTPF 3) to understand the holistic impact of the diagnosis. Emphasis is placed
on the patient’s illness experience as it relates to quality of life and degree they are able to
engage in desired occupations. The role of OT in health promotion, health literacy, and risk
factor reduction will be addressed. By the end of the course, students will also understand
the global impact of diseases.
Prerequisites: OTA108, ALH120, ALH130
Terms Offered: WI, SU

OTA299 Level II Fieldwork Experience+ 6 Credits
Upon successful completion of all required coursework, students will complete 16 weeks
of Fieldwork in traditional and emerging occupational therapy practice settings to apply
knowledge to practice. This experience is the capstone for all OTA classes and will enable
the student to further develop clinical reasoning and hands-on skills for assessment and
implementation of occupational therapy services under the supervision of a registered
occupational therapist or certified occupational therapy assistant. The goal of Fieldwork is to
develop professionalism and competence in career responsibilities as a generalist entry-level
occupational therapy assistant and to achieve client-centered, meaningful, occupation based
outcomes. Level II Fieldwork may be completed in a minimum of one setting if it is reflective
of more than one practice area, or in a maximum of 3 different settings as scheduling and
availability of Fieldwork sites allow.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all previous OTA Core Courses and general education
courses. All necessary background clearances and immunizations required by Fieldwork sites
must be obtained in advance. Proof of current CPR Certification and student liability insurance
is required.

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