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Organizational Development Concentration Course Descriptions

12 credits
Students choosing the Organizational Development Concentration take the following

DEV600 Organizational Psychology 3 credits
This course will examine the organization through the lenses of both psychological and
sociological theory. It is an applied area involving the use of psychological and sociological
approaches and principles to solve problems related to the workplace and organizations.
Topics covered will include an analysis of the organization, and individual and groups working
within institutions. The cultural dynamics and cultural characteristics are also identified with
particular attention focused on their effect on an organization’s development and change.

DEV605 Organizational Development and Change 3 credits
This course introduces issues of organizational systems, including performance assessment,
organizational effectiveness, organizational politics and power, job structure and organizational
design. This course further familiarizes students to organizational change and development
as it unfolds in a process resulting from complex social interactions between leaders
and followers within a specific context. Students will examine change as it relates to an
organization based on a systematic approach and organizational components. Core design and
organizational theories will be discussed.

DEV610 Organizations and Sustainability 3 credits
The objective of this course is to study the principles and practice of sustainability. The course
discusses sustainability from a systemic approach and its application to organizations. It
explores the interconnectedness between organizational change and sustaining such change.
Students examine the impacting effects of sustainability, both internal and external to the
organization. This course allows students to identify and evaluate environmental, economic
and social issues in today’s complex society through experiential learning and case studies.

DEV615 Conflict Management 3 credits
This course is designed to explore the central dynamics of conflict. The course explores the
core principles of effective conflict management across a variety of situations commonly
encountered by the professional manager. The information in the course is based upon
recent research which is applied through a faculty-facilitated, example-based approach to the
development of a theoretical and practical foundation to the management of conflict.

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