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PA ACT 153 Contact with Minors and Required Background Checks

College faculty, administrators and support staff who have direct contact with a Minor
which involves the care, supervision, guidance or control of a minor or has routine
interaction with a minor must complete the additional background check certifications
that are listed below and be renewed every 5 years.

Routine interaction (which is part of the definition of “direct contact”) is defined as
“regular and repeated contact that is integral to a person’s employment responsibilities”.

Examples of employee-types which meet this requirement include, but are not
limited to:
• Faculty who teach dual-enrolled (i.e. high school) students
• Faculty who teach high school students who are auditing their classes
• Employees who are serving as the lead camp director for any College-run or
College-affiliated summer camp or conference (even if one day)
• All employees who work during an on-campus summer camp involving Minors that
lasts two more days (All camp employees, Athletic Trainers, Lifeguards, etc). The
College has determined that two or more consecutive days qualifies as
routine interaction.

Note: Conference workers who work for Facilities Services who do not routinely
interact with Minors are not required to complete all of the background check
certifications listed above.

• Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check through the Pennsylvania Department of
Human Services (Act 33)
• Pennsylvania Criminal History Check through the Pennsylvania State Police (Act 34)
• FBI Criminal History Check; this check requires the individual to submit their
fingerprints to the FBI (Act 114)

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