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Political Science

An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress.

POL200 The Origins of Modern Civil Liberties 3 Credits
This course will trace the development of civil liberties in America. The course will consider
several major topics including the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Civil War, Reconstruction
and key court opinions. Other topics include race and gender discrimination and sexual
harassment. Emphasis will be on the historical context, which gave rise to modern civil
liberties and civil rights.

POL210 World Politics 3 Credits
Provides a survey of world politics by examining traditional and contemporary issues and
their impact on people and nations. Debates and discussions are used to cover controversial
material and stimulate critical thinking. Coverage will include various cultures and nondemocratic political systems.

POL225 Congress and the American Presidency 3 Credits
This is an advanced political science course that examines the changing power relationship
between Congress and the American Presidency. The course will look at the traditional
powers the legislative and the executive branch enjoy and how the relationship between the
two branches of government has shifted over the years.
POL310 Public Policy 3 Credits
The course is the study of the governmental decision-making processes based on the
administration of the political agenda. The connection of public policy to the legislative and
electoral process will be discussed.
Prerequisite: PHI105

POL320 State and Local Government 3 Credits
This course introduces students to the role of state and local governments in formulating
policy. The course examines the federalist system that disperses power and responsibility
among federal, state, and local governments. It will additionally study the changing nature of
those roles and the future of state and local governments in administering federal programs.
Prerequisite: LGS180

POL325 Conflicts in American Government 3 Credits
This course is an analysis of the decision-making structure and processes of American
national government. Discussion will include the role of political parties and interest groups
and the formation of public policy. Controversies of select public policies such as: foreign
policy, defense, health and welfare, civil liberties, and civil rights will be analyzed.
Prerequisite: POL200 or POL250

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